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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 3, March 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Non-genetic factors affecting growth and reproduction traits of buffaloes under dry management housing (in sub-tropical environment) in Egypt; I F M Marai, A H Daader, A M Soliman and S M S El-Menshawy

  2. Evaluation and prediction of the effect of genetic type of local fowl (Gallus domesticus) on live body weight in Cameroon; B A Hako Touko, Y Manjeli, A Téguia and J Tchoumboué (In French)

  3. Nutritive value of feedstuffs for poultry in Ghana: chemical composition, apparent metabolizable energy and ileal amino acid digestibility; A Donkoh and V Attoh-Kotoku

  4. Genetic parameters for growth traits in N’Dama cattle under tsetse challenge in the Gambia; N A Bosso, E H van der Waaij, K Agyemang and J A M van Arendonk

  5. A note on factors influencing milk yield of local goats under semi-intensive system in Sudan savannah ecological zone of Nigeria; D Zahraddeen, I S R Butswat and S T Mbap

  6. Effect of feeding defatted canola on daily excretion of ammonical - nitrogen (NH4-N) and ortho-phosphate (o-PO4), in Channa punctatus (Bloch.); M Jindal, S K Garg and N K Yadava

  7. Precision animal nutrition: A tool for economic and eco-friendly animal production in ruminants; D V Reddy and N Krishna

  8. Growth performance, immune response and carcass traits of broiler chicks fed on graded levels of palm kernel cake without or with enzyme supplementation; M A Soltan

  9. Effect of relative humidity on incubation of Japanese quail eggs; J M Romao, T G V Moraes, R S C Teixeira, C Buxade and W M Cardoso

  10. Seed production of cover crops: Pueraria phaseoloides; J J Carvajal Azcorra (In Spanish)

  11. Gender aspects in livestock farming: pertinent issues for sustainable livestock development in Nepal; Lok Nath Paudel, U ter Meulen, C Wollny, H Dahal and M Gauly

  12. Effect of supplementing tropical tannin-free and tanniniferous legumes to grass-fed sheep on the utility of their manure as nitrogen fertiliser; T T Tiemann, B Hincapie, E Frossard, M Kreuzer and H D Hess

  13. Milk yield and milk composition of West African dwarf, Yankasa and crossbred sheep in southwest of Nigeria; O O Adewumi and O A Olorunnisomo

  14. Determination of the fatty acid composition in selected beef and buffalo tissues; L Betancourt, C A Bustamante and G J Díaz (In Spanish)

  15. A financing system for the control of tick-borne diseases in pastoral herds: The Kambala (Tanzania) model; G K Mbassa, F O K Mgongo, L S B Melau, J E D Mlangwa, R S Silayo, E N Bimbita, A A Hayghaimo and E R Mbiha