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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 10, October 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Determination of ruminal in vitro forage digestibility using ovine or bovine feces inoculums; M M Knowles, C Esparza, M L Pabón and J E Carulla (In Spanish)

  2. Persistence of family dairies in Maravatio, Michocan; R A Jiménez Jiménez, F Alonso Pesado, L A García Hernández, J L Dávalos Flores, V Espinosa Ortiz and A Ducoing Watty (In Spanish)

  3. Development of improvised housing system for commercial rearing of broiler rabbits; V Ramesh Saravana Kumar, K Sivakumar, D Anandha Prakash Singh, V Ramesh, J Muralidharan and K Viswanathan

  4. Supplementation of early lactating cow diets with calcium salts: effects on milk production and composition; M Ben Salem and R Bouraoui (In French)

  5. Gender ownership patterns of livestock in Botswana; O I Oladele and M Monkhei

  6. Evaluation of toasted sunflower (Helianthus annus) seed meal in the diets of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings; I A Akintayo, S O Obasa, W O Alegbeleye and A M Bangbose

  7. Genetic evaluation of growth traits in crosses between two ecotypes of Nigerian local chicken; O M Momoh and C C Nwosu

  8. Inbreeding in nucleous herds of Nellore cattle in Brazil; A del V Garnero, A Berruti, C R Marcondes, E N Martins, R B Lobo, R O Araújo and R J Gunski (In Spanish)

  9. Socio-economical contribution and labor allocation of village chicken production of Jamma district, South Wollo, Ethiopia; Mammo Mengesha , Berhan Tamir and Dessie Tadelle

  10. Relationship between the prevalence of gastrointestinal nematode infections and management practises in pig herds in Thika District, Kenya; J M Kagira, P W N Kanyari, W K Munyua and R M Waruiru

  11. Growth performances of the D’Man breed lambs in the Tunisian oasis; B Rekik, A Ben Gara, H Rouissi, F Barka, A Grami and Z Khaldi (In French)

  12. Effects of crude protein level of the diet on growth performance of the African Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata); H Mafouo Ngandjou, A Teguia, M C Dongmo, H Defang Fuelefac and J Tchoumboué (In French)

  13. Incubation of Japanese quail eggs (Coturnix japonica) stored in domestic refrigerator; T G Vasconcelos de Moraes, J Moura Romao, E Evangelista da Silva, W Maciel Cardoso and C Buxadé Carbó

  14. Diet composition and milk characteristics of Mediterranean water buffaloes reared in Southeastern Italy during spring season; V Tufarelli, M Dario and V Laudadio

  15. Different levels of turnip (Raphanus sativus) cake as additive in elephant grass silage; R Patiño Pardo, E H Castello Branco van Cleef, J C da Silva Filho, P Castro Neto and A P Neiva Júnior (In Portuguese)

  16. Note on ovarian dynamics and levels of progesterone during the estrous cycle in Colombian mares in the Bogota savannah - Colombia; J J López, C A Rodríguez, J E Atuesta and H A Grajales (In Spanish)

  17. Fruit characteristics and chemical composition of some varieties of velvet beans (mucuna spp) found in Benue State of Nigeria; C D Tuleun, S N Carew and J A Patrick

  18. The use of soaked copra meal as a partial substitute for soybean meal in the diet of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings; O O Olude, W O A Alegbeleye and S O Obasa

  19. Evaluation of the sustainability of sheep production systems in the Djelfa Wilaya steppes; F Ghozlane, B Ziki, B Abbadie and H Yakhlef (In French)