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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 2, February 2010
ISSN 0121-3784




  1. Effectiveness of microbial phytases in improving of growth performance and dietary phytate-phosphorus utilization by pigs; E Delia Veizaj

  2. N fractionation, degradability, intestinal digestibility, and adequacy for ruminal microbial activity of cultivated legumes; M de J Marichal, M Carriquiry, L Astigarraga and A I Trujillo

  3. Influence of precocious milking of cows on the growth and the health of calves in traditional breeding in the suburban zone of Natitingou (Benin); B G Koutinhouin, A K I Youssao, T M Kpodékon and Y G Gantoli (In French)

  4. Chemical and mineral composition, in-vitro gas production, in-sacco degradation of selected indigenous Kenyan browses; J O Ondiek, S A Abdulrazak and E N Njoka

  5. Participatory analysis of the farming system and resources in Wundanyi location, Taita district, Kenya: A livestock perspective; P M Mwanyumba, A Mwang’ombe, E Lenihan, F Olubayo, M S Badamana, R G Wahome  and J W Wakhungu

  6. Effect of feedlot regimen on performance and carcass characteristics of Sudan Baggara Zebu cattle; S R Fadol and S A Babiker

  7. Artificial insemination in Algeria: Study of some factors of influence among dairy cows; M K Ghozlane, A Atia, D Miles and D Khellef (In French)

  8. Characterizing and predicting chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of crop residue using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS); Dereje Fekadu, Seyoum Bediye and Zinash Sileshi

  9. Growth performance of two African catfishes Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus longifilis and their hybrids in plastic aquaria; G A Ataguba, P A Annune and F G Ogbe

  10. Contribution of small scale dairy farming under zero-grazing in improving household welfare in Kayanga ward, Karagwe District, Tanzania; J Lwelamira, H K Binamungu and F B Njau

  11. Optimal storage conditions for cocoa cake with shell, palm kernel cake and copra cake as poultry and livestock feed in Ghana; P A Wallace, E K Adu and S W A Rhule

  12. Milk quantity, quality and revenue in dairy farms supported by a private organization in Central Thailand; S Yeamkong, S Koonawootrittriron, M A Elzo and T Suwanasopee

  13. Productive and reproductive performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cows in Ethiopia; M Tadesse, J Thiengtham, A Pinyopummin and S Prasanpanich

  14. Challenges in milk processing and marketing among dairies in the semi-arid tropical Kenya; D M G Njarui, M Gatheru, J M Wambua, S N Nguluu, D M Mwangi and G A Keya

  15. The effect of harvest stage on the potential nutritive value of kermes oak (Quercus coccifera) leaves; C Ataşoğlu, S Şahin, Ö Canbolat and H Baytekin

  16. Prediction models of the metabolisable energy of wheat bran; D Boudouma (In French)

  17. Genetic parameters for milk yield, age at first calving and interval between first and second calving in milk Murrah buffaloes; L O Seno, V L Cardoso, L El Faro, R C Sesana, R R Aspilcueta-Borquis, G M F de Camargo and H Tonhati

  18. Effect of replacing Melastoma (Melastoma affine, D. Don) foliage with Sesbania grandiflora on intake, digestibility and N retention of growing goats; Bui Phan Thu Hang, Vo Lam, Tran Thi Trang, T R Preston and Inger Ledin

  19. Reproductive and economic efficiency in Nilagiri and Sandyno ewes treated with PMSG; R Anilkumar, C Chandrahasan, M Iyue, M Selvaraju and A Palanisamy

  20. Pattern of feed intake of Cuban Creole pigs fed with palmiche (Roystonea regia B.H.K, Cook); C Díaz, R Batista, F Grageola, C Lemus and J Ly (In Spanish)