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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 25, Number 11, November 2013
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Constraints, livelihoods and technology adoption of village chicken producers in Uganda; W N Nanyeenya, A Mugisha, S P Musinguzi, R Magambo and M Senoga

  2. Biochar marginally increases biogas production but decreases methane content of the gas in continuous-flow biodigesters charged with cattle manure; Sangkhom Inthapanya and T R Preston

  3. Characterization of local chickens in selected districts of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania: II. Production and Morphometric traits; F S Guni, A M Katule and P A A Mwakilembe

  4. Reproductive performance of dairy cows under artificial insemination in south and northwest part of Ethiopia; T Ali, A Lemma and T Yilma

  5. Productivity of Tithonia diversifolia and animal behavior with grazing beginning at different stages of growth; J Alonso, G Achang, L D T Santos and R A Sampaio (In Spanish)

  6. Assessment of socio-economic factors influencing adoption of natural pastures improvement technologies in arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya; J K Manyeki, D Kubasu, E C Kirwa and W N Mnene

  7. Estimation of carcass yield in Holstein steers by ultrasound; R A Velásquez, R R Noguera and S L Posada (In Spanish)

  8. Effect of body condition on estrus cycle, ovarian activity and corpus luteum function of Pelibuey ewes; J R Aké-López, G De la Isla-Herrera, J G Magaña-Monforte, J C Segura-Correa, F G Centurión-Castro and G R Cansino-Arroyo (In Spanish)

  9. Do neighbours of agricultural research stations learn anything from them: the case of Rubona station, Rwanda; A Musoni, D R Kugonza and D Gahakwa

  10. Effects of additives and storage positions on in-bag grass silage quality under smallholder farmer conditions in Mvomero district Tanzania; E J Mtengeti, B J Lyimo and N A Urio

  11. Urea and cassava leaf meal increase gas production and methane concentration in continuous flow biodigesters charged with orange peel; Sangkhom Inthapanya, Sengsouly Phongpanith, T R Preston and R A Leng

  12. Reproductive performance of Ouled Djellal and Taâdmit ewes raised in the north-east of Algeria; A Benyounes, M Rezaiguia and F Lamrani (In French)

  13. Lactation specific and life time demographic parameters in a Holstein Friesian herd in the central highlands of Ethiopia; Gebeyehu Goshu and Harpal Singh

  14. Somatic cell counts affect reproductive performances in Holstein cows in Tunisia; R Bouraoui, B Jemmali, I Riahi, M Ben Salem, I Chebbi and B Rekik (In French)

  15. Socio-economic potential of Indonesian native cattle in supporting meat self-sufficiency in Indonesia; E Nugroho, S Azizah, T Susilawati and I Novianti

  16. Effect of rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) particle size and non protein nitrogen source on in vitro ruminal digestibility of Cynodon dactylon; Á Olivo, Á Ojeda, J Landinez and P Pizzani (In Spanish)

  17. An investigation of the common causes of death in chicken around Arusha Municipality area, Tanzania; E S Swai, P N Sanka and J E Kaaya

  18. Socio-economic assessment of indigenous goat production system in rural areas of Bugesera District in Rwanda; M Manzi, J Mutabazi, C D Hirwa and D R Kugonza

  19. Attalea butyracea crude oil as a component of rabbit diets and its effect on intake, nutrient digestibility and plasma chemistry; E Molina, G Nouel-Borges, R Sánchez-Blanco, J Rojas-Castellanos and M Espejo (In Spanish)