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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 5, May 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Adoption and constraints of beekeeping in District Panchkula (Haryana), India; K Monga and A Manocha

  2. Study of growth performance and leather quality in mithun (Bos frontalis) and its comparison with local cattle (Bos indicus) fed on tree leaves based ration; K C Das, G Mukherjee, K K Baruah, K Khate and C Rajkhowa

  3. Studies on ensiling of Tithonia diversifolia and Taro (Colocasia esculenta) and feeding the silage to fattening pigs as partial replacement of a basal diet of rice bran, broken rice, soybean meal and fish meal; N T H Nhan, N V Hon and T R Preston

  4. An evaluation of nutritive value of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes Mart. Solms-Laubach) harvested from different water sources as animal feed; A A Mako, O J Babayemi and A O Akinsoyinu

  5. Chemical composition variability of main grazed plants by the dromedary in the Southwestern of Algeria; M Bouallala, A Chehma and M Bensetti (In French)

  6. Smallholder dairy production in high altitude Nyandarua milk-shed in Kenya: Status, challenges and opportunities; J M K Muia, J N Kariuki, P N Mbugua, C K Gachuiri, L B Lukibisi, W O Ayako and W V Ngunjiri

  7. Effect of protein and energy levels on faecal progesterone concentration in Sabi ewes during oestrus cycle; J V Muzvondiwa, M T Kamanda, C C Nyamukanza and C Mutisi

  8. Improvement of the productivity of small ruminants: A way of diversification of income and fighting against food insecurity; H Nantoumé, A Kouriba, C H T Diarra and D Coulibaly (In French)

  9. Feeding management for dairy cattle in smallholder farming systems of semi-arid tropical Kenya; D M G Njarui, M Gatheru, J M Wambua, S N Nguluu, D M Mwangi and G A Keya

  10. Livestock feed resources: Current production and management practices in central and northern rift valley provinces of Kenya; B Lukuyu, S Franzel, P M Ongadi and A J Duncan

  11. Comprehensive analysis of the dairy sector in the wilaya of Guelma (Algeria); S Kali, M Benidir, B Belkheir and A Bousbia (In French)

  12. Effect of management interventions on productive performance of indigenous chicken in Western Kenya; J Ochieng, G Owuor, B O Bebe and D O Ochieng

  13. Intestinal parasitic infections of camels in the agro and pastoral areas of northern Tanzania; E S Swai, W Moshy, D Mshanga, J Lutatina and S Bwanga

  14. Dairy performance and animal welfare in the province of Tizi-Ouzou exploitations (Algeria); M Allane, F Ghozlane, S Temim and S Bouzida (In French)

  15. Growth and Physical Body Characteristics of Gumuz Sheep under Traditional Management Systems in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia; S Abegaz, B P Hegde and M Taye

  16. Assessment of the genetic diversity of Cameroon indigenous chickens by the use of microsatellites; J C Fotsa, D Poné Kamdem, A Bordas, M Tixier-Boichard and X Rognon

  17. Diversity of local goats in Kerala, India, based on morpho-biometric traits; J Jimcy, K C Raghavan and K S Sujatha

  18. Influence of the nature of the energy source on the in situ digestibility of oat hay in the rumen of the Sicilo – Sarde rams; H Selmi, B Rekik and H Rouissi (In French)

  19. In sacco and in vivo evaluation of marula (Sclerocarya birrea) seed cake as a protein source in commercial cattle fattening diets; V Mlambo, B J Dlamini, M D Ngwenya, N Mhazo, S T Beyene and J L N Sikosana