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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 5, May 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The genetics of the Guinea pig; C E Solarte Portilla, C Y Rosero Galindo, W O Burgos Paz, G L Zambrano Burbano, Y M Eraso Cabrera and F E Mejía López (In Spanish)

  2. Effects of apiary management on colonisation and colony performance of African honey bee (Apis mellifera) in the North-Western Agro-ecological zone of Uganda; J Okwee-Acai, T A Anyanzo, J Aroba, J K Vuchiri, T Onzivua and P Okullo

  3. Evaluation of the livestock management and infrastructure development support scheme in seven districts of Botswana; J C Moreki, J Mokokwe, D Keboneilwe and O Koloka

  4. Determinants of cattle farmers’ perceived relevance of livestock technologies in Botswana; O I Oladele and K Rantseo

  5. Opportunities and challenges for the Botswana poultry industry in the 21st century: a review; J C Moreki

  6. Performance of hides and skins subsector in Botswana: A critical review; O Koloka and J C Moreki

  7. Effects of feeding systems on bovine performance in dairy farms from the organized sector in the north of Tunisia: 1. Effects on milk yield; C Darej, N Moujahed and C Kayouli (In French)

  8. Effects of feeding systems on bovine performances in dairy farms from the organized sector in the north of Tunisia: 2. Effects on reproduction; C Darej, N Moujahed and C Kayouli (In French)

  9. Performance of growing kids on rations with Lablab (Lablab purpureus) grains as protein source; Sultan Singh, S S Kundu, A S Negi and V C Pachouri

  10. Effect of limestone supplementation on ruminal degradability of fiber fractions for different kinds of silage; H M A Gaafar, N M Eweedah, E M Abdel-Raouf and W M Hagag

  11. Prevalence of Newcastle disease virus in village indigenous chickens in varied agro-ecological zones in Kenya; L W Njagi, P N Nyaga, P G Mbuthia, L C Bebora, J N Michieka, J K Kibe and U M Minga

  12. Bos indicus and Bos indicus x Bos taurus heifers’ performance under two grazing systems in The Arid Chaco of Argentina; R Ayerza

  13. Coral vine consumption by St. Croix White hair lambs; S A Weiss, J P Muir and R W Godfrey

  14. Influence of cold storage and mixing on properties of buffalo’s and cow’s milk; E M A Ammar, M M Ismail, A A El-Shazly and M Z Eid

  15. Influence of Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari) supplementation during different stage of lactation on estrus behavior and reproductive performance in Karan Fries crossbred cows; S Kumar, R K Mehla, A K Gupta and R K Meena

  16. The offal components and carcass measurements of Creole kids of Guadeloupe under various feeding regimes; G Alexandre, L Liméa, A Nepos, J Fleury, C Lallo and H Archimede

  17. Performance and ingestive behavior of heifers fed a mineral supplement with added energy and protein sources in a silvopastoral system; R Patiño Pardo, L Botero Arango, J Castillo Flórez and F Arrieta (In Spanish)