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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 11, November 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Nigeria and the prospect of shrimp farming: critical issues; N Zabbey, E S Erondu and A I Hart

  2. The traffic pattern of local milk in Cheliff in Algeria: importance of the informal system; A Djermoun and F Chehat (In French)

  3. Medicinal plant extracts widely used in the control of Newcastle disease (NCD) and helminthosis among village chickens of South Western Uganda; C Lagu and F I B Kayanja

  4. Reproductive performance of dairy cows undergoing artificial insemination at the technical institute of breeding Lamtar in Western Algeria; E Zineddine, M Bendahmane and M B Khaled (In French)

  5. Effects of fresh or sun-dried cassava foliage on growth performance of goats fed basal diets of Gamba grass or sugar cane stalk; Bounthavone Kounnavongsa, Vanthong Phengvichith and T R Preston

  6. Socio-economic importance and management of village chicken production in rift valley of Oromia, Ethiopia; Hunduma Dinka, Regassa Chala, Fufa Dawo, Samson Leta and Endale Bekana

  7. Effect of earthworms as replacement for trash fish and rice field prawns on growth and survival rate of marble goby (Oxyeleotris marmoratus) and Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus); Nguyen Huu Yen Nhi, T R Preston, Brian Ogle and Torbjorn Lundh

  8. Effect of supplementing urea treated barley straw with doum palm meal (Hyphaene thebaica) on growth of sheep; T Abel and G Asghedom

  9. Populations of mushrooms, yeasts and chemical composition of Tanzania grass hay treated with lime (CaO); A de Moura Zanine, E Mauro dos Santos, P Alfredo de Santana Dantas, T Carvalho da Silva, J R Rebouças Dórea, D de Jesus Ferreira and J Silva de Oliveira (In Portuguese)

  10. Rumen metabolites and enzymatic profiles in crossbred cattle bulls fed on high and low levels of tanniniferous oak (Quercus incana) leaves; V K Paswan and A Sahoo

  11. Demand influencing attributes in the smallholder livestock marketing practices; Agajie Tesfaye

  12. Risk factors associated with disease and its effect on reproduction of dairy cows grazing in the highland tropics of Colombia; J F Vásquez, E Loaiza and M Olivera (In Spanish)

  13. Utilization of the guinea fowl and Tswana chicken packages of the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Support Scheme, Botswana; J C Moreki, M Thutwa, K Ntesang, O Koloka and T Ipatleng

  14. Cockerel feeding strategy in tropical region: Complete diet compared to cafeteria system; C A A M Chrysostome, F M Houndonougbo and C C Kpomasse (In French)

  15. Prevalence of ectoparasites infestation in indigenous free-ranging village chickens in different agro-ecological zones in Kenya; Z A Sabuni, P G Mbuthia, N Maingi, P N Nyaga, L W Njagi, L C Bebora and J N Michieka

  16. Nutritional potentials of cassava tuber wastes: A case study of a cassava starch processing factory in south-western Nigeria; S O Aro, V A Aletor, O O Tewe and J O Agbede

  17. Effect of cassava flour particle size as alternative food energy source on broiler growth parameters; H Mafouo Ngandjou, A Teguia, H K Mube and M Diarra (In French)

  18. Trees for several purposes to improve the environmental management of the livestock in the basin of the Altamira-Durán river in Camagüey, Cuba; Z Acosta, J M Plasencia, G Artiles and D Godínez (In Spanish)

  19. Effect of supplementation of herbal extracts on methanogenesis in ruminants; S J Bunglavan, C Valli, M Ramachandran and V Balakrishnan

  20. Evaluation of feed mixture interactions by using in vitro gas production method; R Arhab, K Laadjimi, D Driss, B Djabri and H Bousseboua