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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 5, May 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Environmental factors affecting the shape components of the lactation curves in Holstein dairy cattle of Iran; H Atashi, M Moradi Sharbabak and H Moradi Shahrbabak

  2. On-farm evaluation of lactating crossbred (Bos taurus x Bos indicus) dairy cows fed a basal diet of urea treated teff (Eragrostis tef) straw supplemented with escape protein source during the dry season in crop-livestock production system of north Shoa, Ethiopia; Mesfin Dejene, Seyoum Bediye, Aemiro Kehaliw, Getu Kitaw and Kedir Nesha

  3. Stochastic model for bioeconomic evaluation of beef breeding-and-fattening production system under grazing conditions; J Galindo and B Vargas (In Spanish)

  4. Use of supplement levels of Stylosanthes scabra (Stylo) leaf meal on milk yield of Ankole cows; M Mupenzi, E Karenzi, J Kanani and A Lussa Birasa

  5. Analyzing the farmer-specific and socio-personal factors influencing adoption of pasture conservation technologies amongst livestock farmers in the Tehran Province of Iran; A Rezvanfar and F Arabi

  6. Cost-benefit analysis of nomadsí settlement project based on nomadic production systems (NPS) - A Case study: Bakkan region in Southern Iran; Gh R Badjian, D Ismail, M S Othman and A A Mehrabi

  7. Herd composition and management practices of cattle production by pastoralists in Oyo area of Southwest Nigeria; M O Daodu, O J Babayemi and E A Iyayi

  8. Diversity of fungi associated with mangrove legume Sesbania bispinosa (Jacq.) W. Wight (Fabaceae); D D Anita, K R Sridhar and R Bhat

  9. A model for classification of range suitability for sheep grazing in semi-arid regions of Iran; F Amiri

  10. Study of chemical composition of date stones for use in animal feed; L Boudechiche, A Araba, A Tahar and R Ouzrout (In French)

  11. Financial analysis of livestock production systems around Lake Mburo National Park, in South Western Uganda; M Ocaido, R T Muwazi and J Opuda-Asibo

  12. Non-genetic factors affecting somatic cell count, milk urea content, test-day milk yield and milk protein percent in dairy cattle of the Czech Republic using individual test-day records; E Z M Oudah

  13. Comparative study on serum macro and micro mineral profiles during oestrus in repeat breeding crossbred cattle with impaired and normal ovulation; J M Das, P Dutta, K C Deka, R K Biswas, B C Sarmah and A Dhali

  14. Effects of feeding Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sc 47 to dairy cows on milk yield and milk components, in Tunisian conditions; L Majdoub-Mathlouthi, K Kraiem and M Larbier

  15. The comparison of hand and machine milking on small family dairy farms in central Croatia; D Filipovic and M Kokaj

  16. Performance and challenges in the management of improved cattle in agro-pastoral systems of Central Tanzania; D M Komwihangilo, J I Mkonyi, D F Masao, E Moto, A M O Mahiza and V Mnzava

  17. Farmers’ attitude towards utilization of draught bullocks in Indian agriculture; N Akila and M Chander

  18. Improvement of the nitrogenous value of the by-products of the date palm (date pedicels and dry palm leaves) by ammonia and urea treatment; A Chehma, M Benabdelhafid and A Hanani (In French)

  19. Veterinary medicine and reducing rural poverty in Colombia; O F Giraldo (In Spanish)

  20. Effect of partial or complete replacement of cottonseed meal by jojoba meal on gas production, rumen fermentation and produced amylase and carboxymethyle cellulase activity, in vitro; M E A W Nasser