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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 4, April 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Mating decision support system using computer neural network model in Kenyan Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle; D M Njubi, J Wakhungu and M S Badamana

  2. Milk yield prediction in Kenyan Holstein-Friesian cattle using computer neural networks system; D M Njubi , J Wakhungu and M S Badamana

  3. Seasonal changes in chemical composition and in vitro gas production of six plants from Eastern Algerian arid region; M-L Haddi, H Arab, F Yacoub, J-L Hornick, F Rollin and S Mehennaoui

  4. Productive and reproductive characteristics of goats sold at markets in Lilongwe District of Malawi; B J C Malata and L J Banda

  5. Effect of kikuyo (Pennisetum clandestinum) or ryegrass (Lolium hibridum) intake on conjugated linoleic acid concentration and fatty acids composition of milk fat; O X Aguilar G, B M Moreno M, M L Pabón R and J E Carulla F (In Spanish)

  6. Molecular genetic characterization of Madras Red sheep in Tamil Nadu, India using microsatellite markers; R Selvam, P S Rahumathulla, S N Sivaselvam, S M K Karthickeyan and R Rajendran

  7. Effect of the technique in the evaluation of seminal quality; M Acosta, R Perdigón, M Rueda and T Arias (In Spanish)

  8. A note on causes of boar removal in Cuban pig farms; M J Acosta and M Rueda

  9. Analysis of factors effecting milk yield and composition in Sicilo-Sarde ewes, in the region of Beja (Tunisia); N Moujahed, N Ben Henda, C Darej, B Rekik, C Damergi and C Kayouli (In French)

  10. Genetic characterization of the native Colombia breeds: BON and Romosinuano; S J Calvo, E Martínez, J F Tirado, J D Corrales, A E Montoya, W O Burgos, M F Cerón-Muñoz and M Moreno (In Spanish)

  11. Growth performances and suitability for processing of Ardenne chicken in the sub-humid region of Benin; A K I Youssao, S S Toleba, M Dahouda, R Adehan, G S Ahounou, A A Mama–Ali, A B Gbangboche, J-M Larivière and L P Leroy (In French)

  12. Consumption pattern of milk and milk products in Ada’a woreda, East Shoa Zone, central Ethiopia; Kassahun Melesse and Fekadu Beyene

  13. Carcass characteristics of Creole goat of Guadeloupe (FWI) as a function of pre-weaning performances and post-weaning management; G Alexandre, R Arquet, G Gravillon, J L Weisbecker and N Mandonnet

  14. Effect of the addition of urea protected and without protection on kinetics of degradation in vitro of Star grass (Cynodon nlemfluensis) and sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum); M Duque, R R Noguera and L F Restrepo (In Spanish)

  15. Estimation of dry matter intake of lactating Holstein cows under grazing in Antioquia; H J Correa, M L Pabón and J E Carulla (In Spanish)