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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 1, January 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of the offer of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) on production and bovine milk quality composition; J E Mojica, E Castro, J León, E A Cárdenas, M L Pabón and J E Carulla (In Spanish)

  2. A note on the estimation of the heritability of calving interval in Brahman cattle; D Montes Vergara, O Vergara Garay and E Prieto Manrique (In Spanish)

  3. Allelic frequencies of Kappa casein gene in Holstein breed in Nariño - Colombia; C E Solarte-Portilla, C Y Rosero, J M Eraso, G L Zambrano, H Cárdenas and W O Burgos (In Spanish)

  4. Studies on the effectiveness of post-cervical insemination in Yorkshire x Landrace gilts; M Rueda, T Arias, M J Acosta and M Tosar (In Spanish)

  5. Comparison among lemongrass extracts and amitraz acaricidal activity on in vitro test against cattle tick; A Heimerdinger, M B Molento, C J Olivo, N Madruga de Carvalho, R Depner, C A Agnolin and G R Meinerz (In Portuguese)

  6. Effects of slow (K*K) or fast (K*N) feathering genes and protein rations on broiler performance in the humid forest zone of Cameroon; J C Fotsa, D K Poné , Y Manjeli, L Obounou Zibi and A M Zoyuim (In French)

  7. Long versus short term progesterone treatment effects on synchronized estrous characteristics and fertility in sheep and goat in Colombian high altitude tropics; J A Farfán, J A Forero, N A Pardo, F J Tovar, J E Atuesta and H A Grajales (In Spanish)

  8. Effect of wilting cassava leaves and supplementing them with DL-methionine, on intake, growth and feed conversion in growing pigs; Ty Chhay, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  9. Analysis of communication linkage from livestock research specialists to livestock owners in Iran; A Rezvanfar, M Akbary and A H Hemmatyar

  10. Nitrate as a fermentable nitrogen supplement for goats fed forage based diets low in true protein; Hao Trinh Phuc, Do Ho Quang, T R Preston and R A Leng

  11. Livestock-poverty linkages in Latin America; U Pica-Ciamarra

  12. Ileal and total tract digestibility in growing pigs fed cassava root meal and rice bran with inclusion of cassava leaves, sweed potato vine, duckweed and stylosanthes foliage; Du Thanh Hang, N Q Linh, H Everts and A C Beynen

  13. Genetic evaluation of Murrah buffaloes for lactation yield on the "Test-Day" and after 305 days of lactation; R Aspilcueta Borquis, J Ramirez-Díaz, L Seno de Oliveira, M Muñoz Berrocal, N Hurtado-Lugo, L Galvão de Albuquerque and H Tonhati (In Spanish)

  14. Genetic characterization of Murrah Buffalo breed in Colombia using microsatellite DNA markers; E Martínez, J F Tirado, M F Cerón-Muñoz, M Moreno, A Montoya, J D Corrales and S J Calvo (In Spanish)

  15. Effect of supplementary DL-methionine in pig diets with cassava leaves as a major protein source; Du Thanh Hang, N Q Linh, T R Preston, H Everts and A C Beynen

  16. Nutritive value for pigs of New Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium); digestibility and nitrogen balance with different proportions of fresh leaves and soybean meal in a basal diet of sugar cane juice; Lylian Rodríguez, Irina Peniche, T R Preston and K Peters