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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 16, Number 7, July 2004
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Evaluation of ensiling methods to preserve sweet potato roots and vines as pig feed; Hoang Huong Giang, Le Viet Ly and Brian Ogle

  2. Genetic and non-genetic trends for calf weights in a Bos indicus herd upgraded to pedigree Brahman; D Plasse, J Arango, H Fossi, L Camaripano, G Llamozas, A Pierre and R Romero

  3. Effect of milk yield-based selection on some reproductive traits of Holstein Friesian cows on large-scale dairy farms in Malawi; M G G Chagunda, E W Bruns, C B A Wollny and H M King

  4. A monitoring study comparing production of village chickens between communal (Nharira) and small-scale commercial (Lancashire) farming areas in Zimbabwe; T Maphosa, J Kusina, N T Kusina, S Makuza and S Sibanda

  5. Effect of Polyethylene glycol (PEG, MW6000) on in vitro digestibility of Calliandra calothyrsus alone or mixed with Brachiaria ruziziensis, Trypsacum laxum or Pennisetum purpureum, in dry and rainy seasons in West Cameroon; Pamo E Tedonkeng, J R Kana, F Tendonkeng et M E Betfiang (In French)

  6. Digestibility of dried and ensiled sweet potato roots and vines and their effect on the performance and economic efficiency of F1 crossbred fattening pigs; Hoang Huong Giang, Le Viet Ly and Brian Ogle

  7. Indigenous camel mineral supplementation knowledge and practices on manyatta based camel herds by the Rendille pastoralists of Marsabit district, Kenya; S G Kuria; M M. Wanyoike, C K Gachuiri and R G Wahome

  8. An evaluation of adoptability of alkali treatment of rice straw as feed for growing beef cattle under smallholders’ circumstances; Nguyen Xuan Trach

  9. Responses of growing beef cattle to a feeding regime combining road side grazing and rice straw feeding supplemented with urea and brewers’ grains following an oil drench; Nguyen Xuan Trach and Mai Thi Thom


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