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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 28, Number 12, December 2016
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Factors associated with the production of 30 or more piglets per sow per year in southeastern Mexico; J C Segura-Correa, R Aké-López, J G Magaña-Monforte, R C Montes-Pérez and R Santos-Ricalde

  2. The effect of some factors on growth performance of Lori Bakhtiari lambs; M Mirderikvandi, A Masoudi, M Khaldari, M Bojarpour and P Nazari

  3. Efficacy of Thai bentonite to ameliorate the adverse effects of aflatoxin and fumonisin contaminated diets in Cherry Valley ducks; B Tengjaroenkul, C Saksangawong, S Wongtangtintan, U Tengjaroenkul, K Ratanasinthuphong, N Srikacha and L Neeratanaphan

  4. Phytosociological census of weeds in integrated crop-livestock systems; Alexandre Magno Brighenti, Leonardo Henrique Ferreira Calsavara, Marcelo Dias Muller and Yago Vieira Guerra Varotto (In Portuguese)

  5. Effect of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and Erythrina (E. subumbrans) foliage on growth of goats fed basal diets of banana (Musa spp) leaves or Elephant grass (Pennisetum pupureum); Souksakhone Vivasane and T R Preston

  6. Dairy farmers of Antioquia (Colombia) and their perception about payment based on milk quality; M F Cerón-Muñoz, J Fontecha and N Zapata-Zapata (In Spanish)

  7. Identification of major honeybee pests and predators’ and associated risk factors: Emphasis on bee-eater birds (meropidae) in west Shewa zone of Oromia regional state, Ethiopia; Dinaol Belina, Tamiru Daba, Amare Eshetu and Bulto Giro

  8. Nutritive value and fatty acid profile of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and white clover (Trifolium repens) in Alpine pastures; P G Peiretti, F Gai, S Alonzi and S Tassone

  9. Beekeeping dynamics and its driving forces of change in Ethiopian mixed farming system; Asaminew Tassew and Maria Wurzinger

  10. Efficacy of selected anthelmintics against gastrointestinal nematodes on naturally infected small ruminants in Gimbo district, Kaffa Zone, South West Ethiopia; Tsegaye Teklemariam, Tegegn Fantahun, Birhanu Alemayehu and Amare Beyene

  11. Effect of adding tomato powder to fish oil-containing diet on performance and egg quality of native laying hens; Faizal Andri, Aji Sukoco, Taufich Hilman and Eko Widodo

  12. Protein enrichment of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) root by fermentation with yeast, urea and di-ammonium phosphate; Nouphone Manivanh, T R Preston and Nguyen Thi Thuy

  13. Genotype-environment interaction in Tilapia (Oreochromis nilotica) fed duckweed (Lemna minor) or commercial feed; Tick Nouanthavong and T R Preston

  14. Effects of agro-industrial byproduct on fermentation quality and nutritional composition of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum) silage; Muhammad Rusdy

  15. In vitro anthelmintic activity of aqueous extracts of five medicinal plant against eggs and the infective stage of Haemonchus contortus; Morutse Mphahlele, Ana Mbokeleng Tsotetsi-Khambule, Leshweni Jeremia Shai and Dibungi Luseba

  16. Factors affecting profit analysis of beef cattle farming in East Java, Indonesia; L S Kalangia, Y Syaukat, S U Kuntjoro and A Priyanti

  17. Impact of climate change on livestock productive and reproductive performance; Damitie Kebede

  18. Prevalence and associated risk factors of bovine trypanosomosis in Benatsemay district, SouthOmo zone, Ethiopia; Yimer Muktar, Mesay Asmelash and Negesse Mekonnen

  19. Cost of production, marketing and revenue generation from somali camel breed in Isiolo and Marsabit counties of northern Kenya; S G Kuria, O K Koech, A O Adongo, S Murithi, J T Njoka and P Kamande

  20. A survey on disease prevalence, ectoparasite infestation and chick mortality in poultry populations of Kenya; S Ogada, J Lichoti, P A Oyier, T Imboma, M S Peng, K J Ngeiywa and S C Ommeh

  21. Performance of crossbred lactating dairy cows on pasture-based system during the dry-water transition season; W S de Melo, A S C Véras, D K de A Silva, M de A Ferreira, K P Pereira, A M de P Mendes, L M G Barreto, J S de Almeida, A C A Fotius, M L M W Neves and C C de F Monteiro (In Portuguese)

  22. Distribution and prevalence of tick infestation in cattle in Babille district, eastern Ethiopia; Jelalu Kemal, Yimer Muktar and Sisay Alemu

  23. Effects of season on potential nutritive value, methane production and condensed tannin content of Astragalus gombo; S Medjekal and H Bousseboua (In French)

  24. A review of poultry welfare in conventional production system; Selam Meseret

  25. Study on the prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis in Assosa district of the BenishanGulgumuz region, west Ethiopia; Shibabaw Bejano, Teshome Kifle and Wendimu Bireda