Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 5, Number 1, June 1993



  1. Observations sur la bordure coquilliere et la reproduction chez les escargots geants africains (Archachatina marginata suturalis; Philippi); Corinne Stiévenart

  2. Growing and ensiling soybean forage between rice crops as a protein supplement for pigs in north Vietnam; Bui Van Chinh, Nguyen Huu Tao and Do Viet Minh

  3. Utilización de vinaza y jugo de caña como fuente energética en patos pekín alimentados con grano de soya y azolla como fuente proteica; Julián David Chará y Juan Carlos Suárez

  4. Effect of plant spacing on the growth and yield of four legume trees in the grey soil of eastern south Vietnam; Ngo Van Man and Nguyen Van Hao

  5. Synthese d'observations sur le marquage coquillier chez les escargots geants africains; Corinne Stiévenart

  6. Feeding ensiled poultry excreta to ruminant animals in Syria; M Hadjipanayiotou, L Verhaeghe, L M Labban, A Shurbaji, Abd El-Rahman Kronfoleh, M Al-Wadi, M Amin, T Naigm, H El-Said and Abdul Kader Al-Haress

  7. Studies on the use of dried poultry manure in ruminant diets in Syria; M Hadjipanayiotou, Louay M Labban, Abd El-Rahman Kronfoleh, L Verhaeghe, T Naigm, M Al-Wadi and M Amin

  8. Valorisation des pailles de cereales en alimentation des vins dans le nord de la Tunisie: 1. Traitement aux alcalis (ammoniac/urée) ; 2. Complementation par des blocs melasse-uree; D K Nyarko-badohu, C Kayouli, A A Ba et Gasmi Aziza

  9. Effect of molasses-urea cake on performance of growing and working local buffaloes and cattle fed low nutritive value diets;Nguyen van Thu, Nguyen thi kim Dong, Nguyen van Hon and Vo ai Quac

  10. Multinutrient blocks (mub) as supplement for milking cows fed forages of low nutritive value in outh Vietnam; Bui Xuan An, Luu Trong Hieu and T R Preston

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