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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 33, Number 8, August 2021
ISSN 0121-3784


In this issue of LRRD, my colleagues, students and I, review the steps in the research to develop goat production systems with tropical feed resources that have a low carbon footprint.

We hope that the information will serve as a guide and encouragement to researchers in tropical countries in planning and executing their research activities.



  1. Developing goat feeding systems using tropical feed resources that have a low carbon footprint; T R Preston, R A Leng, M E Gomez Z, Phoung Thy Binh, L T Thuy Hang, Phonevilay Silivong and Vor Sina [EDITORIAL]

  2. Factor effects on number of eggs laid of queen bee species Apis cerena at Northeastern region of Vietnam; Nguyen Duy Hoan and Phung Duc Hoan

  3. Moringa oleifera leaf meal as partial replacement of soybean meal in diets of Clarias gariepinus juveniles; Irabor Arnold Ebuka, Ekokotu Paterson Adogbeji, Obakanurhe Oghenebrorhie, Adeleke Mosunmola Lydia, Obugara Joan Ejovwokoghene and Ayamre Efevogho Ufuoma

  4. Effects of dietary inclusion of Spirulina platensis on egg yolk pigmentation; F Khan, A A S Shuvo, M J Khan and K M S Islam

  5. Physiological conditions, performance and meat quality of kampung chicken on free range system in peatland; Deni Fitra, Niken Ulupi, Irma Isnafia Arief, Rita Mutia and Luki Abdullah

  6. Herbal supplements for sustainable broiler production during post antibiotic era in Indonesia - an overview; Sugiharto Sugiharto

  7. Effect of jackfruit leaves on feed utilization and ruminal fermentation of growing goats; Lam Phuoc Thanh, Pham Truong Thoai Kha, Pham Van Trong Tinh and Tran Thi Thuy Hang

  8. Effects of incorporation of selected browse species on performance of growing small East African goats; F Kemboi, J O Ondiek, A M King’ori and P A Onjoro

  9. Effect of supplementing elephant grass with Gliricidia sepium, Lannea coromandelica and concentrate feed on Bali cattle performance; Muhammad Rusdy, Muhammad Hatta, Rinduwati, Sema

  10. Supplement red yeast (Rhodotorula) and alga (Sargassum sp) in the diet of laying hens to improve egg yield and egg quality; Le Viet Phuong, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Le, Bui Huy Doanh, Bui Quang Tuan and Nguyen Thi Huyen