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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 33, Number 7, July 2021
ISSN 0121-3784


In the present issue of LRRD, the steps in the research required for the development of beef cattle fattening systems using tropical feed resources are presented. The major emphasis is on the role of “bypass” protein as the critical component when using these feed resources, that determines the overall efficiency of production in cattle fattening systems.

The information should serve as a guide and also an encouragement to researchers in the tropics planning and executing their research.



  1. Fattening cattle with tropical feed resources; the critical role of bypass protein;T R Preston, R A Leng, Phanthavong Vongsamphanh and María E Gomez Z [EDITORIAL]

  2. Estimation of genetic parameters for dairy productive traits in Cuban crossbred buffalo; Y García Orta, L M Fraga, A Hernández Rodríguez, M Mora Hernández, D García Quiñones and L Aguiar Caballero (In spanish)

  3. Potential and development of incubation technology to improve the quality of "dadih" as a specific food of minangkabau; Ramaiyulis, Debby Syukriani, Nilawati, Eva Yulia and I Ketut Budaraga

  4. Intake and animal response of dual-purpose cows supplemented with palm kernel cake and rice straw subjected to delignification treatments; Mastranyero Heffer Johas Rueda S and Héctor Jairo Correa C (In spanish)

  5. Contribution to the study of the forage value of Algerian permanent grasslands. Botanical and agronomic characterization in the central region; H Rami, C Chibani-Khetib, M Medjadbi and R Chabaca (In french)

  6. In vitro anthelmintic activity of clove-leaf extract (Syzygium aromaticum) against Ascaridia galli; Santika Anggrahini, Irkham Widiyono, Soedarmanto Indarjulianto and Joko Prastowo

  7. Dairy potential of blue Tazegzawt ewes of Kabylie and growth of the lambs; B Belkheir, L Ikken, N Benhamed, F Ghozlane, M Benidir, A Bousbia and R El Bouyahiaoui (In french)

  8. Characterization and diversity of trees scattered in pastures of a tropical dry forest landscape in the Colombian Caribbean; Jaime Andrés Arias Rojas, Darwin Fabian Lombo Ortiz, Adelina Rosa Caballero Lopez, Milton Rivera Rojas and Esteban Burbano Erazo (In spanish)

  9. The effect of replacing fish meal with Sago larvae meal (SLM) on egg production and quality of laying hens; Danung Nur Adli

  10. Growth curve analysis of body weight in crossbred dairy cattle in central Ethiopia; Molla Shumye

  11. Productive performance of fattening pigs with the inclusion of viscera meal in poultry feed under conditions of the Amazon region; V Andrade-Yucailla, D Chávez-García, N Acosta-Lozano and D Masaquiza (In spanish)

  12. Growth performance of rabbits fed fibrous diets supplemented with molasses; Nguyen Thi Kim Dong and Nguyen Van Thu