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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 33, Number 2, February 2021
ISSN 0121-3784


LRRD is committed to promoting strategies that will reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and that will enhance biodiversity. Planting perennial and semi-perennial trees and crops that maximize capture of atmospheric carbon, is a major element in this strategy as it will be the means of removing carbon from the atmosphere during the transition period as countries commit to their pledges to be carbon neutral by 2050 (The Guardian Newspaper 2021). For these reasons LRRD gives priority to papers that: demonstrate strategies by which trees, shrubs and semi-perennial, high-biomass crops (eg: such as sugar cane, cassava and sweet potato) can be the basis of livestock production systems, in the tropics.



  1. The effect of replacing fish meal with fermented sago larvae (FSL) on broiler performance; Osfar Sjofjan and Danung Nur Adli

  2. In vitro gas production kinetics of selected multipurpose tree browses in Gelana rangelands; Dereje Andualem, Mengistu Gelgele and Merga Bayssa

  3. The performance of layers fed diets containing varying levels of sortex rejected rice from the processing of whole rice grains; A N A Tagoe, J A Hamidu, A Donkoh and H Gariba

  4. Effect of integral sweet potato silage (Ipomoea batata) as a substitute for mayze grain on in vitro gas production and other indicators of ruminal fermentation; C Solís, R Rodríguez, Y Marrero, O Moreira, Y Medina, N González and M H Ruiloba (in spanish)

  5. Nutritious selection of local forage crops from the Amazon foothills, Putumayo Department, Colombia; Adrian R Riascos Vallejos, Juana L Galindo, Magaly Herrera, Yolaine Medina and Juan P Narváez Herrera (in spanish)

  6. The minerals content of honey from stingless bee Tetragonula laeviceps from different regions in Indonesia; Ardo Sabir, Ali Agus, Muhamad Sahlan and Agussalim

  7. Effect of maize stover silage in total mixed rations on growth of dairy heifers; Geberemariyam Terefe, Getu Kitaw, Mulugeta Walelegne, Dereje Fekadu, Mesfin Dejene, Aemiro Kehaliw and Bethlehem Mekonnen

  8. Relationships between scrotal circumference, live weight and age of Ouled Djellal rams in transhumant breeding; M Mokhtar Rahmani (in french)

  9. Growth response and blood profile of broiler chickens fed differently processed small white melon (Cucumeropsis manni) seed meal in place of soybean meal; S O Omoikhoje, C A Odiase, K D Afetimokha and B O Abah

  10. Characterization of the forage balance in dual-purpose cattle farms in the central zone of the state of Veracruz, Mexico; R S Gudiño-Escandón, J A Díaz-Untoria, C O Retureta-Gonzalez, V E Vega-Murillo, V Torres-Cárdenas, C R Padilla-Corrales and R O Martínez-Zubiaur (in spanish)

  11. Effects of Petiveria alliacea (guinea hen weed) leaf extract on methane production and rumen fermentation in vitro; K O Adebayo, F T Olagoke, R M Akinbode and R Y Aderinboye

  12. The growth performance of native pigs (Sus Scrofa) given diets in which soybean meal was replaced by ensiled taro foliage; Tran Trung Tuan and T R Preston

  13. Study of zootechnical performances of 4 genotypes of local Algerian chickens in experimental station; F Z Mahammi, S B S Gaouar, S M Bouri, H Aidouni and N Tabet-Aoul

  14. Effect of green tea extract and vitamin C mix on growth performance and corticosterone concentration in heat-stressed broilers; Nguyen Duy Hoan, Truong Huu Dung, Nguyen Thi Ngan, Phan Thi Hong Phuc, Tu Trung Kien and Phung Duc Hoan