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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 33, Number 10, October 2021
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Input to the knowledge of the melliferous plants diversity in Babors Kabylia’s region (North-East of Algeria); Asma Ghorab, Melilia Mesbah, Rifka Nakib, Nabila Kabli, Farid Bekdouche and María Carmen Seijo

  2. Population structure of Colombian Creole cattle Sanmartinero by pedigree analysis; R J Ocampo-Gallego, D H Bejarano-Garavito and H G Onofre-Rodríguez (In spanish)

  3. Enhancing honey and bee bread cells number from Indonesian honeybee Apis cerana by feeding modification; Erwan, Muhammad Muhsinin and Agussalim

  4. Effects of feeding diets containing Morula (Sclerocarya birrea) kernel cake on bone development in commercial broiler chickens; F Manyeula, J C Moreki, L Baleseng, M Molapisi, L M Tabudi and T Khumoetsile

  5. Heat stroke impact on reproduction parameters of Holstein cows in a semi-arid zone of Western Algeria; H Yerou, M Zoghlami, T Madani, N Benamara and M Rehal (In french)

  6. Effect of the addition of α-tocopherol and ascorbic acid to the freezing medium on porcine semen traits; N Uc, F Centurión-Castro, E Reyes, J G Magaña-Monforte and J C Segura-Correa

  7. Water footprint of dairy production in the Pomacochas livestock basin, Peru; Juan Yalta, Ney Ríos, Leandro Valqui, Leidy G Bobadilla, Carmen N Vigo and Héctor V Vásquez (In spanish)

  8. Soybean meal as source of rumen scape protein for fattening crossbred beef cattle; Nguyen Binh Truong and T R Preston

  9. Impacts of different methods on water quality management on growth performance and quality of tilapia intensively cultured in earthen ponds; Phan Phuong Loan, N T T Hang and N L Tuyen

  10. Use of insects in poultry feed as replacement soya bean meal and fish meal in development countries: a systematic review; Danung Nur Adli