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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 33, Number 1, January 2021
ISSN 0121-3784

Important Announcement

As from this date we advise all authors planning to submit papers to LRRD that we will no longer publish papers based on research in which the welfare of animals was compromised by surgical modification or the use of methods that generate stress and discomfort. These include procedures that modify the digestive track that were mostly developed to facilitate measurements of digesta flow in both ruminant and monogastric animals. We believe that these procedures are no longer relevant in view of developments in in vitro systems for which sources of microorganisms can be obtained from slaughtered animals.

We trust that readers of LRRD will agree with us since the welfare of animals is of primary concern and should not be jeopardized by surgical or management procedures which cause serious discomfort to the host animals.



  1. Substitution of maize grain with cassava tuber on hen layer performance and egg quality; Berihun Kibret, Solomon Demeke and Abegaze Beyene

  2. Effect of pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) seed meal as a supplementing diet to free-ranging goats on growth performance and semen quality; Dyton Maselema, Fanny Chigwa and Gregory Chingala

  3. Effective microorganisms, turmeric (Curcuma longa) as feed additives on production performance and sensory evaluation of eggs from White Leghorn hens; Chala Kinati, Negasi Ameha, Meseret Girma and Ajebu Nurfeta

  4. Effects of mangosteen pericarp extraction on egg production, stress index and yolk cholesterol in laying quails; W Boontiam and S Kittipongpysan

  5. Effects of replacement of Lablab purpureus hay with concentrate mix on growth and reproductive performance of crossbred heifers at Bako Agricultural Research Center; Tesfaye Mediksa and Dereje Bekele

  6. Polymorphic characterization and associations of lactoferrin gene with lactation traits in Friesian and Baladi cattle raised in Egypt; M H Khalil, M H Mohamed, M M Iraqi and S M Zahed

  7. Effect of single or mixed strain probiotics on milk yield of dairy cows; Brendah Kembabazi, James O Ondiek and Perminus K Migwi

  8. Assessment of good dairy farming practices on small-scale dairy farms in Malang Regency of East Java, Indonesia; Sutawi, Indah Prihartini, Abdul Malik and Septi Nur Wulan Mulatmi

  9. Effects of Moringa oleifera substituted for soybean meal in laying hens; S J Adouko, O A U G Guedegbe, O H F Ohouko, S A S Soha, A K I Youssao and T J Dougnon (in French)

  10. Non-genetic factors affecting reproductive performance of Holstein dairy cows; I Boujenane and B Draga

  11. Guava (Psidium guajava L.) leaf meal and cooked extract in post-weaning piglets’ diets improve production rates and control the incidence of diarrhea; W Caicedo, F N A Ferreira, Y Arteaga, A Flores, C Buenaño M Pérez, C S Silva Neta and W M Ferreira

  12. Effect of breed and cecectomy on apparent amino acid digestibility in ducks fed diets containing brewers’ spent grains; Nguyen Thi Kim Dong and Nguyen Van Thu

  13. Dose titration of herbs mixture powder supplementation on laying performance and egg quality in commercial layer chicken; M A Rahman, D Ray, M R A Redoy and M Al-Mamun

  14. Performance characteristics of broiler chickens fed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaf in the tropics; Obakanurhe Oghenebrorhie and Akpodiete Orienru Job

  15. On-farm comparative production and reproduction performance evaluation of Sasso, Sasso-RIR, Koekoek and Improved Local chicken breeds in Bako Tibe and Dano districts of western Oromia, Ethiopia; Gutu Fekede, Yosef Tadesse, Wondemeneh Esatu and Tadelle Dessie

  16. Effect of supplementation of green tea extract on blood corticosterone concentration and growth performance in heat-stressed broiler; Nguyen Duy Hoan, Truong Huu Dung, Phung Duc Hoan and Tran Van Thang