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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 30, Number 3, March 2018
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effects of supplementation of different levels of garlic (Allium sativum) on egg production, egg quality and hatchability of White Leghorn chicken; Meseret Asrat, Tesfaheywet Zeryehun, Negassi Amha and Mengistu Urge

  2. Supplementing Rhodes grass Chloris gayana hay with Maerua angolensis improves weight gain of growing small East African goats; J O Ondiek, S A Abdulrazak and E N Njoka

  3. The efficiency of an induction and heat synchronization treatment in the Arbia goat in the Tiaret region, Algeria; A Ait Amrane, B T Belhamiti, S M A Selles, Z Meskini, M Kouidri, S M Hammoudi, A R Benia and R Kaidi (In French)

  4. Neonatal behaviour of East Friesian lambs born in open field in Argentina; Laura Simonetti, Gloria María Lynch, Mercedes Ghibaudi and Mercedes Mc Cormick

  5. Location and spatiotemporal distribution of camel populations in Algeria; A Meguellati-Kanoun, M Saadaoui, S Kalli, M Kanoun, J Huguenin, M Benidir and A Benmebarek (In French)

  6. Effects of the feeding regime on growth performance and nutritive value of giant african snail (Archatina marginata) meat; J R Kana, F M Tchakounte and C P Meffowoet Chekam (In French)

  7. Composition and microbial quality of camel milk produced in Tsabong, south-western Botswana; Thatayaone Makgoeng, Eyassu Seifu, Bonno Sekwati-Monang and Kethabile Sonno

  8. Economic evaluation of omega-3 fatty acid enriched duck egg production by feeding diet supplemented with Lemuru fish oil; I K Habsari, D N Edi and F Andri

  9. Effects of omega-3 fatty acids enrichment with flaxseed oil and egg storage duration on egg quality; C A Brown, J A Hamidu, K Adomako and M A Okai

  10. Effects of tropical browse plants on in vitro rumen protein degradability; Terry Ansah, Robert G Wilkinson, Jim Huntington and Herbert K Dei

  11. Evaluation framework of community-based livestock breeding programs; Doreen Lamuno, Johann Sölkner, Gabor Mészáros, Helen Nakimbugwe, Henry Mulindwa, Wilson Nandolo, Timothy Gondwe, Curt Van Tassel, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Joaquin Mueller and Maria Wurzinger

  12. Effects of dietary protein levels on performance of African catfish Clarias gariepinus in fertilized and unfertilized earthen ponds; J M Mwangi, J G Maina and C K Gachuiri

  13. Hair characteristics and cortisol hair analysis as indicators of fertility in dairy cows; S Lamari, T Madani and L Allouche

  14. The effect of haulms of groundnut and cowpea supplementations on growth performance of Abergelle goats; Desta Tekle and Gebreslassie Gebru

  15. Effect of dietary energy content on performances and some biological parameters in growing rabbits; N Benali, H Ainbaziz, Y Dahmani, B Djellout, R Belabbas, S Tennah, S Zenia, M Cherrane and S Temim (In French)

  16. Factors associated with abnormal resumption of ovarian activity after calving of Holstein-Friesian cows reared in northern Algeria; S Souames, A Abdelli and Z Berrama

  17. The effect of Eisenia foetida meal as a protein source on sensory attributes of broiler meat; Busisiwe Gunya, Voster Muchenje and Patrick J Masika

  18. Effect of replacing ensiled taro foliage (Colocasia esculenta) with ensiled banana pseudo-stem (Musa spp) and soybean meal on intake, digestibility and nitrogen retention in Moo Lath pigs; Bounlerth Sivilai, Du Thanh Hang, Nguyen Quang Linh and T R Preston

  19. Brewers’ grains (5% of diet DM) increases the digestibility, nitrogen retention and growth performance of goats fed a basal diet of Bauhinia accuminata and foliage from cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) or water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica); Phonevilay Silivong, T R Preston, Nguyen Huu Van and Duong Thanh Hai

  20. Evaluation of Tithonia diversifolia forage meal for laying hens; Bárbara Rodríguez, Lourdes Savón, Ysnagmy Vázquez, T E Ruiz and Magali Herrera (In Spanish)