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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 28, Number 10, October 2016
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Evaluation of the milk yield performance of Jersey cows under tropical climatic conditions in Nigeria; A A Adebayo and S O Oseni

  2. Characteristics of dairy farming and its effect on milk production: a case study of Unguja island of Zanzibar, Tanzania; T S Suleiman, R H Mdegela and E D Karimuribo

  3. Effect of fermentation system on protein enrichment of cassava (Manihot esculenta) root; Vanhnasin Phoneyaphon, Nouphone Manivanh and T R Preston

  4. Feed intake, digestibility and N retention in Mong Cai pigs fed ensiled cassava (Manihot esculenta Cranz) root and protein-rich foliages; Vanhnasin Phoneyaphon and T R Preston

  5. Protein-enriched cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) root as replacement for ensiled taro (Colocasia esculenta) foliage as source of protein for growing Moo Lat pigs fed ensiled cassava root as basal diet; Vanhnasin Phoneyaphon and T R Preston

  6. Effect of rice-wine distillers’ byproduct and biochar on growth performance and methane emissions in local “Yellow” cattle fed ensiled cassava root, urea, cassava foliage and rice straw; Sengsouly Phongphanith and T R Preston

  7. Performance of sheep and goats finished in enriched Caatinga and given supplementation; R F Soares, J M Pereira Filho, K V M F Gama, A M A Silva, M F Cezar, J M Ramos, J B Borburema and O A Bakke

  8. Pekin duck (Anas domesticus) farming in Mataram district of Lombok Indonesia: prospects and problems; B Indarsih, M Ichsan and M H Tamzil

  9. Evaluation of local rabbit’s growth, carcass quality and yield at slaughter in the Aures region, Algeria; Souad Moumen, Mohammed Melizi and Nacira Zerrouki-Daoudi (In French)

  10. Epidemiology of trypanosomal infections of caprine in Nono district, south west showa zone Ethiopia; Tamiru Tilki, Dagnachew Haile Michael, Yohanis Merdasa, Biniyam Mulugeta and Shawit Kalayou

  11. Participatory epidemiological assessment of factors that limit indigenous chicken productivity under free-range system in south western Kenya; P O Olwande, S O Okuthe, W O Ogara and L C Bebora

  12. Effect of some environmental factors on weaning weight of Dhofari calves; Salim Bahashwan

  13. An appraisal of the indigenous chicken market in Tanzania and Zambia. Are the markets ready for improved outputs from village production systems?; Kevin Queenan, Robyn Alders, Wende Maulaga, Hilda Lumbwe, Elpidius Rukambile, Elasto Zulu, Brigitte Bagnol and Jonathan Rushton

  14. Raising zooplankton as a substitute for artemia for feeding the larval and fry stages of african catfish (Clarias gariepinus); A H Oladele and O G Omitogun

  15. The world dairy market dynamic; M Makhlouf and E Montaigne (In French)

  16. Energy substitution effect of maize (Zea mays) in ruminant diets on methane production in vitro; C Restrepo, R R Noguera and S L Posada (In Spanish)

  17. Feedlot performance of Ogaden dromedary camels fed urea-treated maize stover and concentrate mixture; Moges Dereje, Mengistu Urge, Getachew Animut and Mohammed Y Kurtu

  18. Effect of rice-wine distillers’ byproduct, biochar and sweet or bitter cassava leaves on gas production in an in vitro incubation using ensiled cassava root as substrate; Sengsouly Phongphanith and T R Preston

  19. Distillers' solubles (Vinasse) as supplement for cattle fattening in a silvopastoril system; J Iraola, Arelis Hernández, Yenny García and J L Hernández (In Spanish)