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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 12, December 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Relative abundance of tsetse fly species and their infection rates in Simanjiro, Northern Tanzania; L P Salekwa, H J Nnko, A Ngonyoka, A B Estes, M Agaba and P S Gwakisa

  2. Polyethylene glycol improves the utilization of a high tannin forage in sheep; Biruk Kebede, Yisekak Kechero and Abegaze Beyene

  3. Fecal digestibility and nitrogen balance in pigs fed different levels of Moringa oleifera meal; J García and M Macias (In Spanish)

  4. Inclusion of sugarcane vinasse and its effect on fermentation profile and nutritional quality of Maralfalfa grass (Penissetum sp) silage; S A Vargas, R R Noguera and S L Posada (In Spanish)

  5. Effect of deltamethrin on Argas persicus within selected sites in Machakos and Kitui Counties, Semi-arid Eastern Kenya; E O Mungube, S M Nzioka and L W Wamae

  6. Changes in milk protein content as indicator of energy balance and fertility in dairy cows; C Alphonsus, G N Akpa, B I Nwagu, M Orunmuyi and P P Barje

  7. Effects of body condition and anaemia status on postpartum ovarian activity in ewes under two management systems in Algeria; A Hadef, K Miroud and R Kaidi

  8. Relative effects of Moringa oleifera leaf meal and molasses as additives in grain sorghum based diets on performance of growing chicks in Tanzania; J T Kaijage, S K Mutayoba, A Katule and A M V Kakengi

  9. Socio-economic and technical characteristics of beekeeping in the departments of Bamboutos, MiFi and Menoua in Western Cameroon; P R Fotso Kenmogne, F Meutchieye, S I Andriamanalina, A Youbissi, J Tchoumboué, J Y Pinta and P Zango (In French)

  10. Performance of broiler chickens fed whole pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) based diets, supplemented with Detoxizyme® and phytogenics; A A Mohammed, M Habiba and I Mukhtar

  11. Feed preferences of sheep: palatability of the main browse/tree fodder species in the southeastern part of Mali; H Nantoumé, S Sidibé, S Cissé, D Cinq-Mars, A Kouriba, A Sanogo, A Olivier and J Bonneville (In French)

  12. Addition of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) to lamb diets enhances production and profits in northern China; Y Rong, F Yuan and D A Johnson

  13. Using moist grain silage and / or concentrates for supplementation of crossbred cows in the Venezuelan Central Plains; L Pinto-Santini, N Martínez, D Perozo, K Drescher, M Rossini, A Ruiz and C Domínguez (In Spanish)

  14. Socio-economic activities of fishing communities and its effects on the status of fishery resources in Lake Feferuwa Nasarawa State, North Central, Nigeria; A Kigbu, H Y Ibrahim, R D Madaki and E Ogezi

  15. Policies issues for enhancing pastoralists’ resilience to climate variability versus reality in Longido district Tanzania; Christopher Mahonge, Angelo Mwilawa, Moses Ngendello and Abel Mtambuki

  16. Non-genetic effects on reproductive and growth traits of Draa goats; M Ibnelbachyr, I Boujenane and A Chikhi

  17. Indigenous chicken production in the South and South East Asia; R C Bett, A K F H Bhuiyan, M S Khan, G L L P Silva, Le Thi Thuy, S C Sarker, M N D Abeykoon, Thi T H Nguyen, S Sadef, E Kariuki, I Baltenweck, J Poole, O Mwai and M N M Ibrahim

  18. Assessment of nutritional status of cattle in Rwanda: A case of Huye District; K Nishimwe, P Sserumaga, R Manishimwe, M Byukusenge, R Habimana and F Bareba

  19. Contribution to the evaluation of fodder potentialities of a steppic rangeland dominated by Salsola vermiculata L. in Tébessa region, Algeria; F Rekik, A Bentouati and A Aidoud (In French)

  20. Characterisation of spermogram from artificial insemination Holstein bulls in Morocco; I Boujenane and K Boussaq (In French)

  21. Contribution of Heifer In-Trust schemes to smallholder households’ well-being in Highland area of Njombe Region, Tanzania; M L Msangya, J K Urassa and C P Mahonge

  22. Effects of supplementation, birth type, age and stage of lactation on milk yield and composition of Norwegian x Small East African goats in Morogoro, Tanzania; I A Ketto, I Massawe and G C Kifaro

  23. Characterizing husbandry practices and breeding objectives of Sheko cattle owners for designing conservation and improvement strategies in Ethiopia; E Bayou, A Haile, S Gizaw and Y Mekasha