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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 1, January 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Free ranging indigenous chickens (Gallas domesticus) seasonal time budgets; R Mwembe, D Nkomboni, Z Nengomasha, G Sisito and M Kufa

  2. Chicken parasites and local treatments used against them in Mbeere District, Kenya; H W Chege, D C Kemboi, L C Bebora, N Maingi, P N Nyaga, P G Mbuthia, LW Njagi and J Githinji

  3. Yield response of Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) to guano organic fertilizer in the Highlands of Madagascar; V B Rahetlah, J M Randrianaivoarivony, B Andrianarisoa and V L Ramalanjaona

  4. Assessing dynamics of forced livestock movements, livelihoods and future development options for pastoralists/agro-pastoralists in Ruvuma and Lindi Regions, in Southern Tanzania; P L Mwambene, R P Mbwile, F U Hoeggel, E C Kimbi, J Materu, A Mwaiganju and S Madoffe

  5. Reproductive performance of Abergelle goats and growth rate of their crosses with Boer goats; Shumuye Belay, Gebreslassie Gebru, Guesh Godifey, Minister Brhane, Mulalem Zenebe, Hailay Hagos and Tsegay Teame

  6. Mithun: An animal of Indian Pride; Mohan Mondal, K K Baruah and C Rajkhowa

  7. Sugarcane vinasse as an acidifying additive in maize silage production; M E Rendón, R R Noguera and S L Posada (In Spanish)

  8. Managed honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) increase onion (Alliun cepa) seed yield and quality; Gebreamlak Bezabih and Kiros Gebretsadikan

  9. Effects of pre partum supplementation on milk yield, reproduction and milk quality of crossbred dairy cows raised in a peri urban farm of Morogoro town, Tanzania; K A Gillah, G C Kifaro and J Madsen

  10. Effect of heat treatment on efficacy of Thai bentonite for adsorption of aflatoxin B1 in vitro; S Wongtangtintan, P Saipan, U Tengjaroenkul, S Suthimun and B Tengjaroenkul

  11. Flight intensity of honeybees (Apis Mellifera) and its relationship with temperature, sunshine hours, cloudiness and relative humidity; Haftom Gebremedhn, Alemayehu Tadesse and Tesfay Belay

  12. Effect of lactation length, weaning to service interval and farrowing to service interval on next litter size in a commercial pig farm in Mexico; J C Segura Correa, J Herrera-Camacho, R E Pérez-Sánchez and E Gutiérrez-Vázquez

  13. Effects of non-genetic factors on the birth weight, litter size and pre-weaning survivability of West African Dwarf goats in the Accra Plains; B A Hagan, J K Nyameasem, A Asafu-Adjaye and J L Duncan

  14. Review of progress in Ethiopian honey production and marketing; Gemechis Y Legesse

  15. Methods of adding exogenous fibrolytic enzymes to rice (Oryza sativa L.) straw and in vitro ruminal fermentation parameters; D A Lorenzo, Á Ojeda, D Vargas and J L Gil

  16. Survey on village sheep feeding in southern Mali; H Nantoumé, M S Traoré and J Bonneville (In French)

  17. Hay baling as a business for former street children in Kenya; S W Duiker and P Maina

  18. Growth and survival of hybrid Sarotherodon melanotheron x Oreochromis niloticus, O. niloticus and indigenous tilapias of the Ivorian lagoon (S. melanotheron and Tilapia guineensis); M Gbaï, K Yao, Y N Amon and B C Atse (In French)

  19. Characterization of small-scale backyard turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) production system in Bauchi State-Nigeria and its role in poverty alleviation; G T Ngu, I S R Butswat, G D Mah and H N Ngantu

  20. Forage nutritive values of vetch species and their accessions grown under nitosol and vertisol conditions in the central highlands of Ethiopia; Gezahagn Kebede, Getnet Assefa, Alemayehu Mengistu and Fekede Feyissa

  21. Changes in livelihoods of evicted agro-pastoralists from Ihefu Basin in Tanzania; G B Msigwa and Z K Mvena