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ISSN 0121-3784
Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 24, Number 10 October  2012



  1. Awareness of human health risks associated with the use of antibiotics among livestock keepers and factors that contribute to selection of antibiotic resistance bacteria within livestock in Tanzania;  A A S Katakweba, M M A  Mtambo, J E  Olsen and A P  Muhairwa  sent 12-0925

  2. Yield and quality of Brachiaria Sp.cv Mulato-forage perennial peanut (Arachis pintoi) mixture in the Highlands of Madagascar; Volatsara B Rahetlah, Jean Marc Randrianaivoarivony, Blandine Andrianarisoa, Lucile H Razafimpamoa and Vololona L Ramalanjaona OK TRP

  3. Nutritive value of whole plant (stem and leaves) of Hedysarum coronarium L, Medicago truncatula L, Vicia sativa L and Pisum sativum L grown under Mediterranean conditions; A Gasmi-Boubaker, H Selmi, R Mosquera Losada, S Ben Youssef, A Zoghlami, W Mehdi, B Rekik, H Rouissi and A Rigueiro-Rodriguez  OK TRP

  4. Protein solubility and methane production in an in vitro incubation of fish meal, groundnut meal and different forages; T R Preston,  Ho Quang Do, Tran Duy Khoa, Trinh Phuc Hao and R A Leng being edited
  5. Descriptive analysis of the bovine artificial insemination results in Algeria: case of center region; R Saidi, D Khelef and R Kaidi (In French) OK TRP
  6. Determining suitable size of stem cutting for propagating Becium grandflorum; Haftom Gebremedhn and Tesfay Belay OK TRP

  7. Determination of dietary crude protein level required for optimum growth of the grasscutter in captivity; C Kusi, A K Tuah, S Y Annor and K T Djang-Fordjour  OK TRP

  8. Poultry production and rural poverty among small-scale farmers in Mzimba District of Malawi; Maganga M Assa OK TRP

  9. Proximate determinants of the effective demand for animal health services in smallholder sector of Zimbabwe; J Mutambara, R Mano, P Chatikobo and J Masvongo OK TRP

  10. Ruminal in situ nutrient disappearance from alfalfa and cottonseed hulls in goats fed dried distillers grains; R A Allphin, B D Lambert, T R Whitney and J P Muir  OK TRP
  11. Response of Alder (Alnus acuminata Kunth) inoculated with Frankia sp and AMF at two levels of pig manure  in San Pedro (Antioquia, Colombia); J G Tamayo-Martínez, S Ayala-Lopera and M Medina-Sierra (In Spanish) OK TRP
  12. Review on contract dairy farming: to boost Indian dairying; D V Kolekar, L S Kokate, Y C Bangar and G S Khillare  OK TRP

  13. Metabolic profile in Alpina and Saanen lactating goats; S L Posada,  R R Noguera   and O Bedoya (In Spanish) Sent 120925

  14. Vulnerability of rural agro-pastoral households to drought in semi-arid Botswana; K Mogotsi, M M Nyangito and D M Nyariki OK TRP
  15. Participatory characterization of the Short-eared Somali goat and its production environment around Dire Dawa, Ethiopia; G Gebreyesus, A Haile and T Dessie  OK TRP

  16. The effect of climate change on ruminant livestock population dynamics in Ethiopia; Kefyalew Alemayehu and Tegegn Fantahun OK TRP

  17. Shedding of the PRRS virus in boar semen and it effects on some semen traits in southern Mexico; J J Báez-Gómez, J C Segura-Correa, A Alzina- López, J C Rodríguez- Buenfil y S Villegas- Pérez (In Spanish) OK TRP
  18. Effects of inclusion of catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) by-product meal and probiotics on performance, carcass quality and ileal and total amino acid  digestibility in growing chickens; Nguyen Thi Thuy  OK TRP

  19. Supplementing Tithonia diversifolia with Guinea grass or tree foliages: effects on feed intake and live weight gain of growing goats; Ngo Hong Chin and Khuc Thi Hue sent 120923

  20. Effect of foliage from “sweet” and “bitter” cassava varieties on methane production in in vitro incubation with molasses supplemented with potassium nitrate or urea; Le Thuy Binh Phuong, T R Preston and R A Leng sent 120924





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