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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 6, June 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Productivity of Jersey, Holstein, and Holstein*Jersey cows in a zone of low mountain, wet forest; D M Bolívar, J J Echeverry, L F Restrepo and M F Cerón Muńoz (In Spanish)

  2. Pre- and post-weaning growth in Djallonké lambs; M Senou, P Tobada, M Dahouda, C Adandédjan, V Aboki, S Alimy and P M Tondji

  3. Structural changes in livestock marketing cooperatives in Botswana: A two decades analysis; O I Oladele and M Monkhei

  4. Benchmark study on husbandry factors affecting reproductive performance of smallholder dairy cows in the Eastern Province of Rwanda; P Chatikobo, M Manzi, J Kagarama, J D Rwemarika and O Umunezero

  5. Performance variation of grazing Ouled Djellal breed ewe in South-eastern of Algeria: Effect of season and feeding period complement; M Chemmam, N Moujahed, R Ouzrout and C Kayouli (In French)

  6. Establishment of the metabolic profile: an indicator for monitoring resumption of postpartum ovarian activity in dairy cows in the eastern side of Algeria; K Miroud, A Hadef and R Kaidi (In French)

  7. Polymorphisms of calpain gene in Colombian Creole cattle; M A Moreno, A M Gallón, W A Mesa, A E Montoya and M F Cerón-Muńoz

  8. Detannification of Calliandra calothyrsus: the effect on digestibility and performance of rabbits; E Wina, I W R Susana and B Tangendjaja

  9. Study on reproductive performance of crossbred dairy cattle under smallholder conditions in and around Zeway, Ethiopia; D Yifat, B Kelay, M Bekana, F Lobago, H Gustafsson and H Kindahl

  10. Estimates of genetic parameters for Test-day using a random regression model for first lactations of buffalo in Colombia North Coast; N Hurtado-Lugo, M Cerón-Muńoz, H Tonhati, A Bignardi, L Restrepo and R Aspilcuelta (In Spanish)

  11. Effect of dietary inclusion of zeolite on performance and carcass quality of grower-finisher pigs; H F Defang and A A Nikishov

  12. Carbon sequestration and root development of systems of soil use in the Colombian Amazon; B L Ramírez, H F Ramírez and J C Suárez (In Spanish)

  13. Substitution of palm kernel cake by sunflower seed cake in the feeding of fattening rabbits; T M Kpodekon, A K I Youssao, G K Koutinhouin, J Fayomi, A Fagbohou and Y Djago (In French)

  14. Genetic diversity and distances of Albanian local sheep breeds using microsatellite marker; A Hoda, P Dobi and G Hyka

  15. Technical-economic impact of the concentrate / fodder ratio on the bovine dairy production: Case of the farming of Constantine; F Ghozlane, A Bousbia, M T Benyoucef and H Yakhlef (In French)

  16. Growth performance of Sudan Baggara bulls fed diets containing Hibiscus (Karkade) seeds as a non-conventional protein source; G M Suliman, S A Babiker and H M Eichinger