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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 21, Number 10, October 2009
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Reproductive and physiological traits of Egyptian Suffolk rams as affected by selenium dietary supplementation during the sub-tropical environment of Egypt; I F M Marai, A A El-Darawany, E I Abou-Fandoud and M A M Abdel-Hafez

  2. Comparative potential nutritive value of grasses, creeping legumes and multipurpose trees commonly in sub humid region in the Eastern parts of Tanzania; D J Mtui, F P Lekule, M N Shem, T Ichinohe and T Fujihara

  3. The socioeconomic characteristics of small-scale dairy farming systems in México; G B Colunga, C I Villa-Méndez, R Tzintzun-Rascón, M J Tena-Martínez and D Val-Arreola (In Spanish)

  4. Potential of direct-fed-microbials on lactation performance in ruminants - a critical review; T K Dutta, S S Kundu and M Kumar

  5. Effect of lignosulphonate treatment of groundnut and mustard cake on ruminal protein degradability in cattle; G Mondal, T K Walli and A K Patra

  6. Use of white rot-fungi in upgrading maize straw and, the resulting impact on chemical composition and in-vitro digestibility; A Akinfemi, O A Adu and O A Adebiyi

  7. Feed intake and digestion by two cattle breeds fed of baby corn stovers and groundnut hay supplemented with graded levels of concentrate and Moringa leaves; F S Nouala, S Muetzel, E Hoffmann and K Becker

  8. Taro (Colocacia esculenta) leaves as a protein source for growing pigs in Central Viet Nam; Du Thanh Hang and T R Preston

  9. Impacts of policy reforms on the livestock industry in Kenya: The case of the dairy sector; D M Nyariki

  10. International development pitfalls and successes: Five case studies from Tanzania; G Gunther and M A Memon

  11. Chemical composition of the durum wheat bran produced by industrial Algerian mills; D Boudouma (In French)

  12. Cryptosporidiosis: characterization of the infection in calves of dairy herds; A Pinto de Almeida Castro, G Bilbao, H Echevarría, P Morán, M Catena, C Cacciatto and C Monteavaro (In Spanish)

  13. Awareness and the perceived effects of the New Livestock and Meat Industries Act of 2006: a case study of Kgatleng and Kweneng districts, Botswana; P Malope and E P Ransom

  14. Upgrading the scavenging feed resource base (SFRB) for scavenging chickens: Part II. Non-preferred perennial species; I Simons

  15. Potentials of Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) leaf meal as egg yolk colourant for laying hens; S O Aro, O O Tewe and V A Aletor

  16. Constraints and prospects for apiculture research and development in Amhara region, Ethiopia; Kerealem Ejigu, Tilahun Gebey and T R Preston

  17. Variation in maturity among oats varieties and its implications for integration into the highland farming systems; Fekede Feyissa

  18. Effects on growth of rabbits of supplementing a basal diet of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) with vegetable wastes and paddy rice; Nguyen Huu Tam, Vo Thanh Tuan, Vo Lam, Bui Phan Thu Hang and T R Preston

  19. Status of indigenous ducks in Tamil Nadu, India: a traditional perspective; K Gajendran and S M K Karthickeyan

  20. Effect of supplementation with sweet potato root and paddy rice on growth performance of local rabbits fed water spinach (Ipomoea aquatic) and paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) as basal diets; Sangkhom Inthapanya and T R Preston

  21. Application of natural adsorbents to remove nutrients from swine facility effluent; M M Higarashi and R M Mattei

  22. Biodiversity in goats in the Tunisian oasis; M Nafti, Z Khaldi, B Rekik and A Ben Gara

  23. The performance response of scavenging chickens to nutrient intake from scavengeable resources and from supplementation with energy and protein; L O Okitoi, L W Kabuage, R W Muinga and M S Badamana

  24. Growth performance, carcass composition and digestive enzyme activity of pearlspot, Etroplus suratensis (Bloch) reared in inland saline groundwater ponds providing substrate or feed; A Kumar, A Bhatnagar and S K Garg

  25. Use of crossbreeding for increasing beef production in Tunisia; M Ben Salem and H Kélifa

  26. Maternal lineage: what is its influence on characteristics pre and post weaning in the Nellore cattle; H P Quintino, J B S Ferraz, J P Eler, J C C Balieiro, G B Mourão, E C Mattos and L G G Figueiredo (In Portuguese)