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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 11, November 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Breeding strategies for improving performance of Kuchi chicken ecotype of Tanzania for production under village conditions; J Lwelamira, G C Kifaro and P Gwakisa

  2. Effect of substituting concentrate mixture by Urea Molasses Mineral Block on protozoal production rates in Murrah buffalo calves; S P Tiwari, K Kumari, U K Mishra, M K Gendley and R Gupta

  3. A trial of stimulation broiler chicken immunity for production of organic meat; L Boudechiche (In French)

  4. Nutritional and economic values of by-products used in poultry diets in Benin: the case of soybean, cotton and palm kernel meals; F M Houndonougbo, A Chwalibog and C A A M Chrysostome

  5. A comparative study on evaluation of three synchronization protocols at field level in both cattle and buffaloes; J Gupta, A Laxmi, O Vir Singh and Ashutosh

  6. Cottonseed hulls based complete diets for crossbred calves; M Ramachandran and K K Singhal

  7. Bamboo hutches as a replacement for wire mesh cages in rabbit production in Nigeria; O J Owen, E C Chukuigwe, A O Amakiri and A O Aniebo

  8. Reproductive performance of rabbit does on concentrate to forage (Stylosanthes hamata) combinations; G T Iyeghe-Erakpotobor, Y G Adeosun, A A Sekoni and L O Esievo

  9. Nutritive potentials of four conventional forages fed to growing grass-cutter (Thryonomys swinderianus); O O Obi, A J Omole, F O Ajasin and O O Tewe

  10. Physicochemical (pH) study and microbial composition of the rumen fluid of the one-humped camel in his natural habitat; A Chehma, M D Ould El Hadj and C Raachi (In French)

  11. A note on genetic analysis in Madras Red sheep (Ovis aries) of India using microsatellite markers; S Prema, S N Sivaselvam and S M K Karthickeyan

  12. Production potential and qualitative traits of indigenous chicken of Kashmir; S Iqbal and Z A Pampori

  13. Evaluation of sun dried sisal pulp (Agave sisalana Perrine) as feed for sheep in Eritrea; D Y Gebremariam and D H Machin

  14. Voluntary intake, apparent digestibility and nitrogen balance by sheep supplemented with Leucaena leucocephala; C Longo, E F Nozella, S L S Cabral Filho, N Lavorenti, D M S S Vitti and A L Abdalla

  15. Productive response of tropical lambs reared in two contrasting management systems after weaning and using woody forage species; E González-García, J Arece, H Archimède, P P Gomarín and O Cáceres

  16. Silage quality of four sunflower genotypes elaborated with different plant proportions: Effect on the carbohydrates and in vitro dry matter digestibility; R R Noguera, L C Gonçalves and I Borges (In Spanish)

  17. Contribution to assessment of energy requirements in ruminant lambs of the Ouled Djellal breed; S Triki and A Larwence

  18. Low doses of bisphenol A and o, p’- DDT at early stage of life delayed sexual maturity in female Japanese quail; R El-Gawish, M Elshabrawy Ghanem and T Maeda