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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 1, January 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Chemical composition and ruminal fermentation kinetics of fruit by-products in south Bahia - Brazil; L G Ribeiro Pereira, D Cabral Barreiros, L Silva Oliveira, A Lima Ferreira, R Martins Maurício, J A Gomes Azevedo, M Pereira Figueiredo, L Fernandes Sousa and P Gomes da Cruz (In Portuguese)

  2. Substitution of fish meal by snail meal (Achatina fulica) in the diet of layers in Côte d’Ivoire; M Diomandé, V Allou Kippré, M Koussémon and A Kaménan (In French)

  3. Epidemiology of lameness in dairy cattle of hilly region of west Bengal: the influence of pain on performance; S K Nandi, S Roy, P Mukherjee, A Goswami and D Majumder

  4. Genetic variability in Jalauni sheep of India inferred from microsatellite data; R Arora, S Bhatia, A Sehrawat, S B Maity and S S Kundu

  5. Mastitis occurrence and constraints to mastitis control in smallholder dairy farming systems in Uganda; D K Byarugaba, J L Nakavuma, M Vaarst and C Laker

  6. Evaluation of the nutritive value of apple pulp mixed with different amounts of wheat straw; M A M Rodrigues, C M Guedes, A L Rodrigues, J W Cone, A H Van Gelder, L M M Ferreira, A S Santos and C A Sequeira

  7. Establishment of a silvo-pastoral system with Alnus acuminata H.B.K. and Acacia decurrens Willd and response to the use of rhizospheric organisms in San Pedro (Antioquia); M Medina S, H Orozco and M C Díez (In Spanish)

  8. Decline in available world resources; implications for livestock production systems in Asia; R A Leng

  9. Rabbit meat as a preferred animal protein source in Ekpeye Kingdom of Rivers State, Nigeria; G A Kalio, I Etela and V E Ginika

  10. Effect of soybean meal supplementation on pre-and post-partum productivity of Angora goats in communal rangelands of Molimo-Nthuse in Lesotho; J W Ng’ambi, L Khitsane, D Norris and C A Mbajiorgu

  11. Gender responsibility in smallholder mixed crop-livestock production systems of Jimma zone, South West Ethiopia; Kechero Yisehak

  12. Reproduction of the African catfish Schilbe mandibularis (Günther 1867) (Siluroidei; Schilbeidae) in lacustrine and fluviatil areas (Ivory Coast); M Ouattara, L Doumbia, K Yao and G Gourène (In French)

  13. Milk production amongst Fulani grazers in the Western Highlands of Cameroon: Constraints and development perspectives; O A Ndambi, I Tchouamo, P H Bayemi and T Hemme

  14. An overview of the goat meat sector in Guadeloupe: conditions of production, consumer preferences, cultural functions and economic implications; G Alexandre, S Asselin de Beauville, E Shitalou and M F Zebus

  15. Factors influencing birth and weaning weights of calves in dual-purpose herds in the tropics; M M Osorio-Arce and J C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)

  16. Effect of water spinach and duckweed on fish growth performance in poly-culture ponds; San Thy, Khieu Borin, Try Vanvuth, Pheng Buntha and T R Preston