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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 9, September 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The effect of partial replacement of maize by alkali-treated date pits on broiler growth, survival rate and economic returns; M Al-Bowait and S I Al-Sultan

  2. Physical characteristics, productive and reproductive performances of comparatively high yielding Deshi Cattle of West Bengal, India; A Sarkar, K C Dhara, N Ray, A Goswami and S K Ghosh

  3. Goat production scenario in Bihar, India; A Dey, S K Barari and B P S Yadav

  4. Survey of the production, processing and nutritive value of catfish by-product meals in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam; Nguyen Thi Thuy, Nguyen Tan Loc, J E Lindberg and B Ogle

  5. Utilization of soybean milk residue, cowpea testa and corn starch residue by weaner rabbits; S M Odeyinka, A S Olosunde and O J Oyedele

  6. Agrobotanical, nutritional and bioactive potential of unconventional legume - Mucuna; K R Sridhar and R Bhat

  7. Induction of puberty in West African Dwarf buck-kids with exogenous melatonin; J O Daramola, A A Adeloye, T A Fatoba and A O Soladoye

  8. Preliminary study on Tephrosia candida as forage alternative to Leucaena leucocephala for ruminant nutrition in Southwest Nigeria; J A Odedire and O J Babayemi

  9. Evaluation of cereal-legume intercropped forages for smallholder dairy production in Zimbabwe; N T Ngongoni, M Mwale, C Mapiye, M T Moyo, H Hamudikuwanda and M Titterton

  10. A study on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Small East African goats under different feeding regimes; A Hango, L A Mtenga, G C Kifaro, J Safari, D E Mushi and V R M Muhikambele

  11. Analysis of cattle marketing channels used by small scale farmers in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa; L Musemwa, C Chagwiza, W Sikuka, G Fraser, M Chimonyo and N Mzileni

  12. Characterization of the estrous cycle by means of profiles of steroids (progesterone, 17 β-estradiol) in the Costeño Con Cuernos breed (Bos taurus) in the Colombian tropics; G M Báez, H A Grajales y J E Pérez (In Spanish)

  13. Effects of oil drench on growth rate of cattle fattened on grass, supplemented with molasses, rice bran or rice straw; Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan, Nguyen Trong Ngu, Vo Van Son, T R Preston and R A Leng

  14. Determinants of smallholder dairy farmers' adoption of various milk marketing channels in Kenya highlands; L M Mburu, J W Wakhungu and K W Gitu

  15. Effect of variety and wilting on HCN content of cassava leaves and on intake, digestibility and N retention by growing pigs; Chhay Ty, T R Preston and Khieu Borin

  16. A note on the effect of fresh mulberry leaves, fresh sweet potato vine or a mixture of both foliages on intake, digestibility and N retention of growing pigs given a basal diet of broken rice; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin and Chiv Phiny

  17. Intake, digestibility and N retention by growing pigs fed ensiled or dried Taro (Colocasia esculenta) leaves as the protein supplement in basal diets of rice bran/broken rice or rice bran/cassava root meal; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin, T R Preston and Meas Sokveasna

  18. Strategies for the development of small- and medium-scale rabbit farming in South-East Asia; S D Lukefahr