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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 8, August 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Contribution of both soluble and insoluble fractions of desert by-products to their in vitro fermentation; R Arhab, M Aggoun, H Bousseboua and D Macheboeuf

  2. Free-range village chickens on the humid coastal belt of Tanga, Tanzania: their roles, husbandry and health status; E S Swai, E D Karimuribo, P F Kyakaisho and P F Mtui

  3. In vivo digestibility and performance of growing goats fed maize stover supplemented with browse leaf meals and cotton seed cake based concentrates; E E Ndemanisho, B N Kimoro, E J Mtengeti and V R M Muhikambele

  4. Determinants of adoption of improved chickens in fishing communities on Kainji Lake Shorelines of Nigeria: A Logit analysis; A O Lawal, O Adekunle, K L Ayorinde and T I Ibiwoye

  5. Morphobiometrical characteristics of local chicken genetic resources from the western highlands of Cameroon; T C Keambou, Y Manjeli, J Tchoumboue, A Teguia and R N Iroume (In French)

  6. Response of laying chickens to graded levels of Tephrosia bracteolata leaf meal fed with soyabean meal or full fat soyabean meal; T O Akande, M K Adeyeri, O G Longe and A A Odunsi

  7. Effect of napier head smut disease on napier yields and the disease coping strategies in farming systems in central Kenya; S W Mwendia, M Wanyoike, R G Wahome and D M Mwangi

  8. Characterization of smallholder dairy production systems for livestock improvement in Kenya highlands; L M Mburu, J W Wakhungu and W G Kang'ethe

  9. Dairying in Africa - Status and recent developments; O A Ndambi, T Hemme and U Latacz-Lohmann

  10. Dairy development through natural resource management: a success story of drought prone village in India; S Phand, R Tiwari and H P S Arya

  11. Information needs of farm women related to dairy farming and home management in Ilam State of Iran; A Rezvanfar, H Moradnezhai and M Vahedi

  12. Reproductive performance of goats in Eastern and North-eastern India; S Zeshmarani, K C Dhara, A K Samanta, R Samanta and S C Majumder

  13. Effect of supplementing weaner goats with graded levels of Calliandra calothyrsus and Lucerne (Medicago sativa) on feed intake and weight gain; M N Kinuthia, M M Wanyoike, C K Gachuiri and J W Wakhungu

  14. Cost benefit analysis of yak and yak-cow cross breed in Baltistan, Northern Pakistan; A Hassan, M Ishaq and S H Saddozai

  15. Determination of the optimum level of a soybean oil drench with respect to rumen ecosystem, feed intake and digestibility in cattle; Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan, Nguyen Trong Ngu, Nguyen Thiet, T R Preston and R A Leng

  16. Effect of different housing and feeding systems on the performances of broiler rabbit in Eastern Himalayan Region of India; S K Das and A K Sikka

  17. Effect of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccination in linkage villages of IVRI's India; B P Singh, M C Sharma and R Tiwari

  18. Effect of Moringa oleifera leaf meal as a substitute for sunflower seed meal on performance of laying hens in Tanzania; A M V Kakengi, J T Kaijage, S V Sarwatt, S K Mutayoba, M N Shem and T Fujihara