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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 19, Number 6, June 2007
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Taxonomy and chemical composition of fallen leaves of tree and shrub species consumed by cattle in the dry season in the dry tropical forest in Michoacán, México; N A Ávila-Ramírez , A Ayala-Burgos , E Gutiérrez Vázquez, J Herrera-Camacho, X Madrigal-Sánchez and S Ontiveros-Alvarado (In spanish)

  2. Effect of milking systems on the milk somatic cell counts and composition; A K Dang and S K Anand

  3. Ethno-veterinary practices: A boon for improving indigenous cattle productivity in Gaushalas; D Kumar Yadav

  4. Growth performances, organ development and blood parameters of rats fed graded levels of steeped and cooked taro tuber (Colocasia esculenta var esculenta) meal; A Teguia, P B Telefo and R G Fotso

  5. Socio-economic factors influencing small ruminant breeding in Kenya; E Verbeek, E Kanis, R C Bett and I S Kosgey

  6. Nutritional potential of Blighia sapida K Konig (Ackee ackee) leaves as a dry season feed resource for West African dwarf goats in the derived savanna zone of Nigeria; O A Aderinola, G O Farinu, J A Akinlade, T B Olayeni, O O Ojebiyi and P O Ogunniyi

  7. Screening some major communicable diseases of AI bulls in Bangladesh; M M Islam, M A R Siddiqui, M A Haque, M A Baki, S Majumder, J J Parrish and M Shamsuddin

  8. A cost-benefit analysis of sweet potato production for sheep feeding in the southwest of Nigeria; O A Olorunnisomo

  9. Profitability of dry season beef feed-lotting in grain deficit countries: the case of Botswana; P Malope, C M Tsopito, A A Aganga and O R Madibela

  10. Determinants of job satisfaction among livestock development assistants of West Bengal, India; M Maity, B S Malik, M K Mandal, Gautam and A Roy Choudhary

  11. Strategies for livestock development in rainfed agro-ecosystem of India; A K Misra, C A Rama Rao, K V Subrahmanyam, M Vijay Sankar Babu, B Shivarudrappa and Y S Ramakrishna

  12. Coastal sand dune vegetation: a potential source of food, fodder and pharmaceuticals; K R Sridhar and B Bhagya

  13. Non-genetic factors affecting milk yield and milk composition of traditionally managed camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Eastern Ethiopia; Z M Zeleke

  14. Handling, preservation and utilization of camel milk and camel milk products in Shinile and Jijiga Zones, eastern Ethiopia; Eyassu Seifu

  15. Small scale cattle farmers and their sustainability in lowland villages of Adana province, Turkey; S G Karakok