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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 5, May 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Comparison between the shapes of lactation curve of Egyptian buffalo milk yield estimated by the incomplete gamma function and a new model; M A Aziz, N A Shalaby, O M El-Shafie, A T Mahdy and A Nishida

  2. Field trial of Malaysian thermostable Newcastle disease vaccine in village chickens in Kaduna State, Nigeria; J A Nwanta, J U Umoh, P A Abdu, I Ajogi and A A Adeiza

  3. An approach for shortlisting ethnoveterinary practices; D Kumar

  4. Effect of dehydrated potato (Solanum tuberosum) on the kinetics of fermentation in vitro of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum); R R Noguera, I C Ramírez and D M Bolivar (In Spanish)

  5. Modification and comparative evaluation of the existing and modified hay-box brooder in Mecha woreda of Amhara region, Ethiopia; Yeshambel Mekuriaw, R P Moudgal and Tilahun Seyoum

  6. The effect of supplementing urea treated maize stover with Tithonia, Calliandra and Sesbania to growing goats; C C Wambui, S A Abdulrazak and Q Noordin

  7. Effects of dietary replacement of maize with malted or unmalted sorghum on the performance of weaner rabbits; M Abubakar, U D Doma, D J U Kalla, M B Ngele and C L D Augustine

  8. An analysis of smallholder farmers' willingness to adopt dairy performance recording in Malawi; M G G Chagunda, A C M Msiska, C B A Wollny, H Tchale and J W Banda

  9. An experimental study on model for sustainable rural poultry farming; M K Mandal, N Khandekar and P Khandekar

  10. Factors influencing the attitude of farmers of Tamil Nadu, India towards rabbit farming; D Puthira Prathap and K A Ponnusamy

  11. Farmers' constraints, objectives and achievements in smallholder dairy systems in Uganda; A Nakiganda, A Mcleod, A Bua, R Phipps, M Upton and N Taylor

  12. Effect of incorporating biogas slurry (BGS) on the growth performance and carcass traits of growing pigs; S S Sikka

  13. Milk production level and calf-rearing system affecting Boran, Ethiopian zebu cattle breed, cow-calf performance; Z Yilma, Y Gojjam and M Shumye

  14. Factors affecting milk production in the smallholder dairy sector of Zimbabwe; N T Ngongoni, C Mapiye, M Mwale and B Mupeta

  15. Improving the livelihood of landless and marginal farmers through sheep rearing in rainfed agro-ecosystem of India; A K Misra, K V Subrahmanyam, M Vijoy Sankar Babu, T Y Reddy, B Shivarudrappa and Y S Ramakrishna