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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 18, Number 12, December 2006
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Acacia decurrens (Will); a potential source of nutritive biomass for livestock in the upland tropics; J Quiceno A and M Medina S (In Spanish)

  2. Feeding sheep with litter derived from crop residues and pig excreta; L Cruz Bacab, L Franco Sarmiento, F Acosta Torres, H Ku Canul and R Ricalde Santos (In Spanish)

  3. Characterization of Krishna Valley breed of cattle (Bos indicus) in south India using microsatellite markers; S M K Karthickeyan, R Saravanan and P Thangaraju

  4. Transforming village poultry systems into small agro-business ventures: a partnership model for the transfer of livestock technologies in Ethiopia; N Dana, R Duguma, H Teklewold and S Aliye

  5. Effect of breed group and lactation status on calving rate of beef cows in the humid tropics of Mexico; M M Osorio-Arce and J C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)

  6. Potential nutritive value of selected browse species from Kenya using in vitro gas production technique and polyethylene glycol; I M Osuga, S A Abdulrazak, N Nishino, T Ichinohe and T Fujihara

  7. Bio-economic analysis of expenditure on inputs and output value from crops and grade dairy cattle sub systems in Vihiga, Kenya; P M Ongadi, R G Wahome, J W Wakhungu, L O Okitoi and K Otieno

  8. Effects of feeding palm oil residue on the productive and economical performance of broiler chickens; J Tchakounte, M Bopelet, J D Ngoungoupayou, T Dongmo, F Meffeja and J Fotso (In French)

  9. Socio-economic and livestock aspects of different production systems - Indian case study; D Thammi Raju, M Gnana Prakash, S T Viroji Rao and M Srinivasa Reddy

  10. Constraints to adoption of forage and browse legumes by smallholder dairy farmers in Zimbabwe; C Mapiye, R Foti, N Chikumba, X Poshiwa, M Mwale, C Chivuraise and J F Mupangwa

  11. Relationships among live weight, reproduction rate and milk production in crossbred cows dual purpose system in the humid tropics of Mexico; M M Osorio-Arce and J C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)

  12. On farm characterization of Butana and Kenana cattle breed production systems in Sudan; L M-A Musa, K J Peters and M-K A Ahmed

  13. Comparison of growth and morphological parameters of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) raised on concrete and earth floor finishes in Botswana; S J Nsoso, M H D Mareko and C Molelekwa

  14. Effect of ad libitum tree leaves feeding with varying levels of concentrate on intake, microbial protein yield and growth of lambs; M K Tripathi, S A Karim, O H Chaturvedi and V K Singh

  15. Genetic parameters in buffalo calves fed at full milk in beef production system in middle Magdalena region of Colombia; R Angulo, D Agudelo-Gómez, M F Cerón-Muñoz and S Jaramillo-Botero