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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 17, Number 5, May 2005
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. A note on the growth performance and carcass characteristics of rabbits fed graded dietary levels of boiled pigeon pea seed (Cajanus cajan); K U Amaefule, F C Iheukwumere and C C Nwaokoro

  2. Investigation on change of forage quality at harvesting, during hay making and storage of hay harvested at different growth stages in the Adamawa plateau of Cameroon; M B Enoh, C Kijora, K J Peters, V N Tanya, D Fonkem and J Mbanya

  3. Study on digestibility and feeding systems of duckweed in growing ducks; J Khanum, A Chwalibog and K S Huque

  4. Silvopastoral systems with isolated timber trees within pastures in the Coffee region of Colombia; J C Camargo, A Feijoo, M C Zúñiga, H Cardona and J Gaviria

  5. Production and forage quality of Acacia mangium Willd, in a pasture system, with three harvest intervals in dry and wet season; J Angulo, I Rodríguez y Liliana Mahecha (In Spanish)

  6. Use of the gas production technique to determine the kinetics of fermentation of the structural and non structural carbohydrates in sorghum forage; R R Noguera, E O Saliba, L C Gonçalves e R M Mauricio (In Portuguese)

  7. Potential economic impact from the adoption of Brachiaria hybrids resistant to spittlebugs in livestock systems of Colombia, Mexico and Central America; Libardo Rivas and Federico Holmann

  8. Performance of Pullet chicks fed graded levels of Raw Bambarra groundnut (Vigna subterranean (L.) Verdc) offal diets as replacement for Soybean meal and Maize; K U Amaefule and F M Osuagwu

  9. Partial substitution of soya bean meal by fish meal in a diet for growing pigs composed of sugar cane juice, palm oil and azolla; L Pinto-Santini, A Escobar, H F Messa and C Ruiz-Silvera (In Spanish)

  10. Performance of scavenging Malawi local chickens during the period of human food shortage; T N Gondwe, C B A Wollny, A C L Safalaoh, M G G Chagunda and F C Chilera

  11. Four methods of vegetative propagation of mulberry (Morus alba); Félix A Moreno Elcure, Adrián Márquez y Thomas R Preston (In Spanish)