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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 11, November 2003
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Heterosis for birth weight in N'dama F1 crossbred calves in South western Nigeria; Antigha Essien

  2. Flock size and egg production performance of backyard chicken reared by rural woman in Peshawar, Pakistan; K Javed, M A Mian, F R Durrani and Shah Mussawar

  3. Ruminal degradation and intestinal digestion of crude protein of tropical protein resources using nylon bag technique and three-step in vitro procedure in dairy cattle; C Promkot and M Wanapat

  4. Evaluation of the potential of Trichanthera gigantea as a source of nutrients for rabbit diets under small-holder production system in Tanzania; S V Sarwatt, G H Laswai and R Ubwe

  5. Growth performance and survival of Local and White Leghorn chickens under scavenging and intensive systems of management in Ethiopia; Solomon  Demeke

  6. Moringa oleifera leaf meal can replace cottonseed cake in the concentrate mix fed with Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) hay for growing sheep; J K Murro, V R M Muhikambele and S V Sarwatt

  7. Cassava hay and Stylo 184 hay to replace concentrates in diets for lactating dairy cows; Krailas Kiyothong and Metha Wanapat

Short communications

  1. Evaluation of dry matter yield, chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility of silage from different maize hybrids; A Kamalak, A Erol, Y Gurbuz, O Ozay, O Canbolat and R Tumer