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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 1, January  2003

ISSN 0121-3784




  1. Mulberry (Morus alba) leaves as protein source for young pigs fed rice-based diets: Digestibility studies;  Chiv Phiny, T R Preston and J Ly

  2. Livestock production and farm animal genetic resources in the Usangu Wetland of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania; R Trevor Wilson

  3. Evaluation of sweet potato tuber (Ipomea batatas l.) as a feed ingredient in broiler chicken diets; T Maphosa, K T Gunduza, J Kusina and A Mutungamiri

  4. Optimal duration of male-female exposure to optimize conception in the grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus); Phyllis Addo, Alfred Dodoo, Samuel Adjei and Bawa Awumbila

  5. Importance and diversity of ants in silvopastoral systems in the Cauca Valley, Colombia;  Mónica Ramírez y Martha Lucía Enríquez (En español)

  6. Genetic parameters for body weights of Creole chickens from Southeastern Mexico using an animal model; E A Prado-González, L Ramírez-Avila and J C Segura-Correa

  7. N balance studies in young Mong Cai and Large White pigs fed high fibre diets based on wheat bran; J Ly, Chhay Ty and Pok Samkol

  8. Possible consequences of inappropriate intensification of animal production in Vietnam and approaches to avoid; Nguyen Xuan Trach

  9. Village chicken production systems in Ethiopia: 1. Flock characteristics and  performance; Tadelle D , Million T, Alemu Y and K J Peters

  10. Village chicken production systems in Ethiopia: 2. Use patterns and performance valuation and chicken products and socio-economic functions of chicken; Tadelle D , Million T, Alemu Y and K J Peters




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