Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 13, Number 2, April 2001

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Comparison between some selection criteria for growth traits correlated to age at first calving in Nellore cattle; Analía del V Garnero, R J Gunski, E B Schwengber and R B Lôbo (In Spanish)

  2. Chemical composition, digestibility and aflatoxin content of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) cake produced in north-eastern Bolivia; C W Nagashiro, A Saucedo, E Alderson, C D Wood and M J Nagler

  3. Influence of early weaning on yield and fat content of milk from dual purpose cows; Zuleyma Piña, Jorge Combellas, Merbis Tesorero, Karin Drescher and L Gabaldón

  4. An approach to ensiling conditions for preservation of cassava foliage in Cambodia; Chhay Thy, J Ly and Lylian Rodríguez

  5. Comparison of the performance of Nigerian indigenous chickens from three agro-ecological zones; Adedokun Sunday Adetayo and Sonaiya Emmanuel Babafunso

  6. Foliage from cassava, Flemingia macrophylla and bananas compared with grasses as forage sources for goats: effects on growth rate and intestinal nematodes; Seng Sokerya and Lylian Rodriguez

  7. Digestibility and nitrogen retention in Mong Cai pigs fed juice from sugar palm (Borassus flabiller) supplemented with fresh water fish ensiled with rice bran and sugar palm syrup; Chiev Phiny and Lylian Rodríguez

  8. Dried rice straw-chicken litter and urea-treated rice straw as main fodder resources for local cattle in the dry season; Tran Quoc Viet and Dao Duc Kien

  9. Evaluation of nutrients of rubber seed meal in Mong Cai pigs; J Ly, Chhay Ty and Chiev Phiny

  10. Estimates of nutritive value of Venezuelan feed resources destined for monogastric animals; Safiyé Gonzalvo, D Nieves, J Ly, M Macías, Martha Carón and Vivian Martínez (en español)