Volume 11, Number 1, April 1999

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Experiences in the management and exchange of electronic information for sustainable agriculture; Nicholas Waltham

  2. Connecting Bangladeshi Villages; Iqbal Z. Quadir

  3. Productive performance of F1 compared with other 50% European-zebu crossbred cows for dual purpose systems in the Venezuelan tropics; Lucía Vaccaro, Armando Pérez and Rodolfo Vaccaro

  4. The productive water decontamination system: A tool for protecting water resources in the tropics; J Chará, Gloria Pedraza and Natalia Conde

  5. Overall view on the tradition of tapping palm trees and prospects for animal production; Christophe Dalibard

  6. Liveweight gain of growing cattle offered maize meal or citrus pulp as supplements to diets based on poultry litter and restricted grazing of low quality pastures: G Nouel and J Combellas

  7. Sugar cane as replacement for Guinea grass for growing goats; Le Diep Long Bien

  8. Duckweed versus soya bean meal as a supplement for scavenging local chickens in an integrated farming system; Hong Samnang

  9. Gas production from pig manure fed at different loading rates to polyethylene tubular biodigesters; Bui Xuan An and T R Preston

  10. Comparison of the in sacco rumen and washing loss methods to estimate the potential energetic value for livestock of leaves from tropical trees, shrubs and crop residues: Nguyen Van Lai and Nguyen Thi Thu Huong


  1. Observations on scavenging Local (indigenous) and Tam Hoang (exotic) chickens given free access (when confined at night) to duckweed (Lemnaceae) offered alone or mixed with rice bran; Lylian Rodriguez and T R Preston



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