Volume 10, Number 1, January 1998

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of work (driving sugar cane press) on intake of pressed sugar cane stalk and urea-treated rice straw by buffalo and cattle; Nguyen Phuc Tien and T R Preston

  2. Parámetros nutricionales de algunas arbóreas leguminosas y no leguminosas con potencial forrajera para la suplementación de ruminantes en el trópico; O I Flores, D Ma Bolivar, J A Botero and M A Ibrahim

  3. Errores de prediccion de la produccion de leche por lactancia a partir de pesajes a distintos intervalos de tiempo, en vacas de doble proposito; Jazmín Florio, Lucía Vaccaro, Armando Pérez y Humberto Mejías

  4. Socio-economic microbial process strategies for a sustainable development using environmentally clean technologies: Sagopalm a renewable resource; Horst W Doelle

  5. Effect of exchange rates of medium with biodigester effluent on biomass yield and composition of duckweed; Nguyen Duc Anh and T R Preston

  6. Response to a molasses/urea supplement in the reproductive behaviour of commercial Zebu cows with calves under a regime of restricted suckling; R Alderete, H Losada, J Cortés, M Osorio and E Aranda

  7. Constraints and opportunities for improved milk production and calf rearing in Sanyati communal farming area, Zimbabwe; Charlotte Pedersen and J Madsen

  8. Effect of restricted suckling on milk production, reproduction and growth of Mpwapwa cattle in Tanzania; C Mejia, T R Preston and Pernilla Faquhersen

  9. Effects of urea concentration, moisture content, and duration of treatment on chemical composition of alkali treated rice straw; Nguyen Xuan Trach, Cu Xuan Dan, Le Viet Ly, and Frik Sundstøl

  10. Effect of replacing sugar cane juice with African palm oil (Elaeis guineensis) on performance and carcass characteristics of pigs; Le Duc Ngoan, R B Ogle, Patricia Sarria and T R Preston